KYLIE X & Dont Stop The Pop!

What seems years ago now, I spoke to two girls who worked at EMI France. They've soon moved on to glam jobs in the fashion industry but back then it was rather juicy to get all the gossip ala France. We giggled about the new Kylie album and ruminated ideas about Kylie's new album. They didn't know much so most of it was speculative. What were her producers, writers and so forth. And then we played the title game. I said what about "Kylie-X"? Cooooooooool. We giggled some more and that was that. Then an email came a few weeks later that "Kylie-X" was now the nickname the album was given amongst certain staffers. Then I posted news about the work-in-progress title on this blog and it was picked up on Kylie's famous unofficial messageboard SayHey. For evidence check it out for yourself on this very site (note my tragic grammar) and on Say Hey itself. That was about February 2007! Oddly, the title is actually X!

According to reports coming out from Popjustice and, the new album by Kylie due for release in November is to be titled Kylie X. This is odd. Very odd. The name came from a chatty friday afternoon in Paris. It took off in the offices of EMI and online but I never thought it could ever actually be the title of Kylie's tenth album. At the time the tabloids were saying the name was Lessons. Personally I am waiting until I have the album in my hand before I truly believe the title is actually called Kylie X.....only because its incredibly unfathomable that a coffee break could have resulted in something as cool as this. Titles must come from somewhere and announcing them usually comes six weeks in advance of their release. Don't Stop The Pop, it would seem, called it as early the 3rd of February. Am I permitted a little scream of delight. Strange & rather surreal delight too! Now I am fully aware that titles can change and one awaits official confirmation of the title. But if Kylie's tenth album is called Kylie X-how fucking glam is that! If it isnt-who cares as it looks to be a rather great album!!

NB: The tracklisting currently going around does not include Steve Andersons Flowers. So at the moment I am just a tad suspicious of the latest information surrounding the latest details and its aforementioned title. It needs proper confirmation....

EDIT: Its called KYLIE-X! OH MY! has confirmed it. But I won't believe it until I hold the cd.

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Paul said...

there's a tingle in my fingers and a tingle in my feet

J'ason D'luv said...

That was all you? Well aren't you quiet the namesmith?! Very X-cited for the album!

Michaell said...

off topic :

Milk & Honey's 'Didi' debuted at #38 in Germany, which's kinda low imo :-/

Robpop said...


But double Nay for Milk&Honey. The first was a radio hit. Not sure about Didi. The album is certainly coming out tho.

Michaell said...

ya, personally I prefered 'Habibi' more,still I'm so buying their album!

Anonymous said...

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