MISS MATCH Breathe In/Breathe Out-Video and Single cover!

A few days ago Emma & Carin posted the new video to DontStopthePop but due to my issues I couldn't complete the article but now finally I've got round to it. Above is the single cover posted to DontStopthePop by the songs writer Felix. Breathe In/Breathe Out was certainly a stand-out song on the ultra tight debut Miss Match album Just Press Play which you can purchase through the wonderful people at CDON.

Now its getting its own time to shine and as you'll hear on the video for the song exclusively posted on the girls myspace page, it has also been given a little bit of a touch-up. Yes, they've recorded a brand new version just for the single release! If you don't fancy checking out the new single mix for the new version you can access it through the myspace created for Cocktail Studios (more on them laters). Now I love Miss Match so I don't need to wax lyrical about their brilliance! It simply beams through. Since they broke out in the national levels of the Swedish Eurovision they've released one of the strongest pop albums of 2007 and back in June 2007 Don't Stop The Pop featured a review and an exclusive track given by the girls especially to the people of this very site! They are absolute stars! Raise a glass to Miss Match!

However I also wanna take this moment to credit the brilliant song-writing team behind Breathe In/Breathe Out: the delightful Felix Persson & Märta Grauers (aka Cocktail Studios). Breathe In/Breathe Out, especially the single mix, sounds very much it could be something that the Knife or Robyn/Kleerup could conceive on their next albums only Miss Match, Felix Persson & Märta add a huge twist of pop. For this reason alone, the song soars into its own zone that rarely gets dreamt of let alone recorded & released. Raise a glass to Cocktail Studios!

So what next from Miss Match? The girls have told me that they'll take Just Press Play as far as it is possible & then see what happens next. I am hoping for another album, like soon! Will the new version of Breathe In/Breathe Out persuade you to vote in the Pop Awards? The girls have two nominations (Best album and Best Girlband). Act soon as the voting will finish by the next weekend!!

Coming Up This Week: Something cool from Jonah & Robyn!


Poster Girl said...

Ooo, I do love that song! And they look stunning in that picture! I have to admit, despite really liking their Melodifestivalen entry (and I know not many did, but I thought it was good and showed a lot of potential) and all the praise they've gotten from you, I've not bought the album, but this is really good--maybe enough to sell it to me.

How different is the single version from the album version? Because I may have to buy the single, too, then...oh wait? It's on that MySpace? I'll have to go listen.

Paul said...

ooo thanks for the news. i was all into it until you mentioned something by Jonah at the end...

Anonymous said...

i love the video!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to check out the remix on http://www.myspace.com/torejarlo :)

Anonymous said...

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