ROBYN HANDLE ME The Exclusive review!

So it begins! Robyn is slowly making waves in Australia, Japan and of course the big US of A but her 3rd single is getting ready for release back in the country that gave her a no.1 in the summer-the UK! That single is sublime ditty Handle Me which will bring out the post-feminist in all of us. Girlpower? No, Handle Me is more than that! Its a declaration of freedom, beyond freedom and totality. If you've got the album already you don't need any introduction to Handle Me. Its already been released in Sweden but luckily for us we're getting our own very special re-release with new mixes and a brand new video. Today I am gonna discuss the brilliant new mixes. The first is the "Bjorn Remix". Coming in at 2:59 seconds, it takes Robyn to a brand new level. The track is transformed into a sublime rock anthem and the dirty yet sublime rnb beats of the original are slowly lost with amazing results. As mixes go, this version is like a completely different song but don't worry its not a dub-all the vocals remain intact! Its a vocal remix and it really works. Robyn is made into some dirty rock chick of the 1970's and screaming slogans of fierce liberation. She's there at the civil rights movement and Stonewall protests in NYC. Gone is censorship! Indeed, the "Nazi" is no longer twisted back and Robyn hurls the insult in its natural form.

The second mix is called the "Williams Vox" and if you like your house mixes this ones for you. Its completely different from the rocky desires of the Bjorn Remix. Again, all the vocals remain intact including the "Nazi" line which is allowed to come from the lips of the singer without any studio mastery. The "Williams Vox" is a dirty deep blue house mix. Sparse, electro and will have the clubs smiling. The added synths make it ever so epic. The 3rd mix is a dub of the Williams Vox mix.

The fourth mix is wonderfully called the "Ortzroka Death To Disco Remix" and this is utterly amazing. All the mixes are stunning but under the auspices of Ortzroka, Handle Me evolves into an beautiful electro lush power anthem that sounds a bit like a Fisherspooner showstopper combined with something the Dragonette, UnkleJam and Xenomania might produce if they put their powers together. In other words, remember that Fisherspooner mix of Kylie's Come Into My World? Well thats the nearest thing I can describe and compare this mix to. In short-its good, very good! Next to sublime. On this mix you'll also hear a sense vulnerability that you might not realise is present in the first - album - version of the song. The bravado of the original is somehow lost in the pulsating beats and you sense tears are about to fall from Robyn's cheeks. The kids of OrtzRoka have put the song up on their myspace which you can listen here. Now the song is an electro anthem on the level of With Every Heartbeat and Dream On. Its previous rock/rnb dresses are flung to floor and now occupies a space that is Other. Indeed, the "beyond" now owns Handle Me. Its that good!

Conclusion: The remixes are fantastic. Each one completely different and never uniform or monochrome. Whatever your taste or your favourite genre hopefully the mixes of Handle Me will appease each need and desire. For those out there who wanted the "Nazi" insult restored rather than rewound, well all the mixes have done as wished. Handle Me itself is a pretty sharp song but with those mixes the song is upgraded & secured its position as one of 2007's moments of pop!

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Coming up: more Robyn and Jonah

Yeah I know the picture of the CD is backward. I am no expert at these kinda things!


Paul said...

i just held my laptop up to a mirror and the image of the cd was fine! haha. got some weird looks at work tho :) Well you know how much i adore robyn so i will breeze on past that but commend you on your ace write up (i think that's a premiere exclusive! First one! Woo hoo!) and drool over the thought of Jonah...

Mike said...

Surely these are not as classy as the Soulseekerz mixes? I never thought I'd see the day when Robyn hooked up with Dannii's sloppy seconds! $ucce$$!

Robpop said...

Mike, these are a world a way from the mixes that are on the web today. A planet a way.

I'd like to have Dannii's seconds. I imagine they'd smell of a bodyshop.

Robpop said...

And yes the Soulseekerz mixes of Handle me are brilliant!

Mark P said...

I wanna marry this blog.

Lady Hooligan Kat said...

If you want to hear REALLY cool new music, check out AJ Lambert’s “EP”, which is now available on iTunes and on

Anonymous said...

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