LINNEA HANDBERG Made Up My Mind (Legal Download!)

A must pop album for any pop lover (this is the Japanese hit release of the cd)

Music Download (legal) : Made Up My Mind

Linnea Handberg. Linnea Handberg. Where tho art theeeee begin!?! Real name Linnéa Handberg Lund, Ms.Linnea is pop princess who hails from Denmark and most might know her stage name of Miss.Papaya under which she released her first album simply titled Pink back in 1998. However I want to focus on her second album released two years later and called This Is Who I Am. The album is the sort of CD that the likes of Solid Harmonie, Britney and Precious would have loved to have released. You know the songs I'll Be There For You and Hit Me Baby One More Time? Well imagine an entire CD full of songs of that pop notch quality. Today, Linnea herself has very kindly allowed readers of DontStopthePop to download one of those songs but this is not a case of me picking the best song and the rest of the album are all duds. On the contrary, the collection consists of one of the finest batch of pop songs of 2000. Despite major record company interest, including Maverick, things didnt appear to happen but I highly recommend you track down the album. Its not just a forgotten classic but each song has monumentally poptastic.

This is isnt me going over the top or anything. I declare such claims as I have the backing of other groups who evidently heard the brilliance of the album and grabbed tracks for their albums. Take the title track for example. It was covered and released by the French girlband L5 (who retitled it for their audiences as "Aime"). Following suit, the Swedish girlband, Excellence, covered the Danish act with their take on Linneas "I Believe It When I See It". Going to warmer climates Spains Chenoa covered Linnea's "Why You Doin' It Like That" and god knows about the rest but I highly suspect nearly all of her songs have gone to other acts. Indeed, recent material Jon of Denmark, Tik Tak of Finland and the Chipz albums all feature the song-writing credits of Linnea Handberg. Therefore, it would be only polite to raise a glass of cherry wine to one of Denmarks finest female song-writers (and as a thank you for allowing us to share one of her brilliant songs!).

Come 2007, she now spends her time appearing on one-off dance special releases but really dedicates her love & talent to song-writing. In 2004, she signed to EMI Music Publishing & from then on has seen her name on most album sleeves for pop acts around the world including the theme to Big Brother, working with DJ's and re-settling in London where she says most of the work is these days.

Thank you Linnea!

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This Is Who I Am (Gemm)
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Poster Girl said...

Aww, Linnea! I only know one of her songs (it wasn't this one), but I really like it--and this (it's so poppy)! Didn't know much about her, though, and it's great to hear she's still involved in songwriting.

Plus, all these legal downloads? I'm so impressed--and pleased!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I have an idea, how about you ask her very nicely if we could all get free songs from the Miss Papaya - Pink album. Everyone loves Bubblegum Dance music and her fans from way back then are sad because this CD is impossible to find. Infact I know they'd love her ever the more if she let them.

It's really beyond my imagination why that Pink CD is out-of-print, everyone uses it now for Anime AMV's and the like, it's famous. And as for her fans well nobody knows what the heck she's releasing, her website has a fantastic song called Longing out but for the life of me I can't see a CD for it.

I searched ebay, amazon and none of those have CD's by this women, so what the heck did she do after the release of Pink?

Choco said...

i like darksidzz's idea, i want her song "supergirl" SO BADLY I'D KILL FOR IT. damn itunes doen't have it, and i've run out of ideas, and i wish i could contact her myself but i don't know her adress (online) and i just really really REALLY want the song.....i love it to's like, the only song i can dance to (i don't really dance) and it's the shit so i want it and crap.......

hey, if you know where to get it, contact me?
send me a mail at

please and thankyou! have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

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