Don't Stop The Pop Gets all emotional (Robyn live-The Scala)

A few years ago Robyn entered the stage of Malmofestivalen. Back then the most famous Robyn song that had 'heart' in its titles was the ballad Underneath The Heart. It was also the first time she'd ever performed Who's That Girl and the audience were left screaming for more. And boy did she listen to those cries.

A year or so later, Robyn had set up her own label, released Be Mine and its follow-up was an amazing version of Who's That Girl. This time however it wasnt live-it was all finished off and neatly recorded in a studio. So anyway, last night she appeared at the major London venue The Scala.

The year has been quite amazing for the singer. She's expected to have her second single from her self-titled album enter the top twenty of the UK tomorrow and with The Scala being completely sold out I just wanted to take this little moment to take stock of things....

It seems like only a few moments ago she was there singing an amazing version of Janet Jacksons When I Think Of You & soaring versions of her songs Play & O Baby. Don'tStopthepop was created in her name (well, actually her 3rd album Don't Stop The Music).

She kept the 'pop' burning and this blog is all about celebrating that acute defiance of pop acts who bounce the pop from your mp3 player and into your eardrums.

Slowly but surely - and rather organically - the pop pioneer has been picking up more and more fans. More and more sites have rejoiced her brilliance and energetic performances-if you've seen her show you'll know exactly what I mean.

Buy Robyn's single here

Back then very few sites discussed Robyn. There was Jessica of DirrtyPop who still expresses the weirdness of hearing Robyn on UK radios and seeing her CD in UK stores without the import price tag. After years and years of writing about Robyn its both brilliant and overwhelming to hear & watch Robyn strut and ultimately say "hello, London!" just before she breaks into Be Mine. The experience is strange as a long-time fan of Robyn...but cool!

Sadly I couldn't make last night at the Scala. I've always tried my best to keep the blog and personal life quite apart. I mean this blog is about pop music! Nothing more! Oh and an overuse of exclamation marks. Well, I've been kinda sick and yet life goes on but its the medication that I'm taking at the moment that have made me slow things down just a tad. They are some amazing drugs-let me tell you that. They totally knock you out. Some hours your fine and the next your in bed dreaming about unicorns and thrones. So I couldn't go. I so wanted to! I was invited to the aftershow party which would have been fun. However, sometimes you gotta listen to what the doctor is saying. But that doesn't mean this place will stop. It will continue. The fire will keep burnin' and all that jazz.

So, sorry I couldn't be there-I so wanted to be. I truly did. However 2008 is looking like a great year for pop. Robyn herself has more exciting things in the pipeline which I will try my best to strut to the left and dance to the right. Those hardcore fans reading this will take pleasure in the knowledge that Robyn is doing her fifth album (confirmed on this very site) and has many things planned coming up in the future. Its been an amazing couple of years watching Robyn's star rise and musically spread. Robyn, tack så mycket!!!!

Major thank you to the lovely & sublime Mr. Baranyai for all the amazing pictures which are taken from her live UK dates.

Coming up: exciting things including the Pop Awards!


Chad said...

Get better Bobby. This place was how i found out about Robyn!!!!!!!!!!

The pictures are amazing too.

Paul said...

your love for Robyn shines through! A lovely write up too - i may not get Robyn, but i will her to succeed because i think it gives hope to all the talented acts out there that record companys stifle...

J'ason D'luv said...

Hope you're feeling better asap! Thanks for always keeping Robyn on everyone's radar (and not "raider," as Britney would sing).

Oh, and you forgot to mention how millions more will be hearing her via Britney's latest album, on "PIece Of Me"!

Poster Girl said...

Thinking of you--hope you feel better soon! Lovely pics (great job to the photographer) and lovely write-up. Whenever the album gets released in the U.S., I hope she tours at least a little bit to support it--I need to see her!

Mark P said...

Hi Rob! Get better asap. This place is like a Robyn "hut" in London. I love it. I have a confession. I only discovered her through DontStopthepop and its Robyn specials last year. You must be so happy to see her do well in the UK!!!!

Anonymous said...

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