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  • Britney performing with Justins Snake (not!)
-- PopNews Round-Up --

I Love the new Britney album. I also love the Monrose album. Its all about D.a.n.g.e.r.o.u.s:

Its the song that we we're all waiting to appear on Change. But thankfully those German pop stars absolutely gave pop whores like me what we wanted. And more! Das ist total skandalös!

Robyn has announced a Koko date. I have to pinch-punch myself. It was only on the 30th of November last year that she was performing for a few fankids at the YoYo. I was there! It was great fun! Now she's doing the same venue that Madonna picked to launch Confessions of a Dancefloor which was broadcasted live through MSN right? Its an amazing achievement for a girl on her own label....

Soccx are releasing a new single in Germany. And its ultra pop! HARDCORE pop! Its not going to be on the album released in France (at the moment anyway). This is the single cover:

UPDATE: You can hear it here. I got a feeling its for a German version of Strictly Come Dancing. You can buy the album through Amazon.FR here. Staying in girlband territory...PayTV are nearly done with their album! YAY! And the Raen album is on its way and is currently being mastered and remixed in the U.S!

In shocking pop news....the Eurovision pop star Dima Bilan ended up online for all the wrong reasons a few days ago. I think he was just enjoying himself a bit too much. Errrrrr. Ahem. Make of it what you wish...


Mike said...

Britney's album leaves me cold. It's all about Dannii's unreleased tat as far as I'm concerned.

Oh and I can't wait for the RAEN album. I hope they get a bit more attention this time around.

Dima is LOVE! But boyfriend needs to stay off the drugs until after the show.

Robpop said...

Yeah, the britney album is awful in parts. But when it shines it rockets.

The Dannii albums....God, there are so much. I need a holiday to take it all in. But know what-I can't afford one cuz i've bought all the dannii products! I'm Sorry is amazing. While many have said "meh" with the unreleased stuff on these packages its wise to remember that some are from 2004 or earlier. As such sure they are not gonna sound that fresh but I love them.

The Raen album is said to be "off the hook". They promised all pop.

As for Dima-no comment.

Robpop said...

You know I feel with Dannii. Amazing pop princess. Queen of Clubs. Queen of vibrating things. But she annoys me cuz of her delays. 2008 will mean it will be 4 years since a studio album.

Anonymous said...

The Soccx performance was at a world record breaking attempt at a Cha-Cha-Cha en masse. I'm a French German Spanish teacher in a High School so I looked online and listened to the guy introducing the clip. Did you know Soccx have been around for a good few years before making it big? I have a school calendar that was sent out free when I lived in Germany in 2001, which has this then-unknown band posing slaggishly on the flipside, before they got a stylist to work with them :)

Chris A

Anonymous said...

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