The Spinning Around Award for the most amazing comeback of 2007


This award could have gone to no one but the Swedish singer Robyn. She achieved what was declared as 2007’s only true example of pop justice when, along with Andreas Kleerup, the song With Every Heartbeat went to no.1 in the U.K. Beforehand, the last time British top ten charts hosted a Robyn single was in 1997 with Show Me Love. As a long-term fan of Robyn, she never went away. Despite being geographically apart, I and this blog remained true to the force of pop usually importing her albums from Sweden. From her second album My Truth, to Don’t Stop the Music, the brilliant collaborations with Basement Jaxx and Christian Falk and to the stuff released under her very own label, I have always followed her career. However, I must admit that I’ve been taken aback by her amazing return. Let me explain, as a fan you always hope and expect your number 1 act to do well but when you hear girls on the bus singing the rap to Konichiwa Bitches or boys from Liverpool singing their heart out to With Every Heartbeat you have to pinch yourself. In 2007, Robyn has been selling out gigs in the UK, received glowing reviews from sources that tend to like austere rock outfits or leftfield lushies, gone to number one, worked on the Britney Spears album and been a-listed by Radio One. Its been an amazing year and thus I’ve had to do a lot pinching (ouch!). Steve Anderson of the dance outfit Brothers In Rhythm, Rent Remixed, Ryandan and Kylie Minogue’s finest musical moments told Don’t Stop The Pop that Robyn “does what she likes personally and that is ultimately the most important thing for any artist.” For Anderson, at all levels of Robyns material whether it be the “production, songs and vocals” each defines “perfection”. Clearly exposing his fan-status, he concluded that while its great to see Robyn do well he’d like to hear new material as soon as possible, “I'm so pleased she has secured a deal here and can't wait to see what she does next seeing as the album that just came out is already over 2 years old.”

The thing about Robyn is that she never strays away from the mighty pop genealogy that is genetically linked herself to everyone from The Knife, The Doors, Prince, Madonna and her Max Martin heritage. However, no two Robyn tracks will ever mirror the next and perpetually deconstructs both her genre and music itself. As such, the sound of Robyn teeters. Is she pop? Is she electro? Is she rnb? These answers I cannot know. Instead, Robyn takes your hand throughout each song, sings its story and lets the listener float into its narrative. She doesn’t dominate but neither is she passive-her album is so unlike so many out there as it is as much as your album as it is an Robyn album. Then perhaps the title of the song “With Every Heartbeat” takes on a different meaning. One of inclusive exclusivity that describes a unique bond between her, the song and its listeners whose hearts are beating along with Robyns'. Perhaps it is this connection that explains the brilliant success of With Every Heartbeat & the ascendence of Robyn…

BTW: The last in our Pop Awards will be announced very shortly where thereafter DSTP will return to its normal self!



Adem With An E said...

BRILLIANT post Rob, was such a great read. VERY deserving winner too I say, everything really was coming up Robyn in '07!

Mike said...

Well deserved for Robyn! As successful as 2007 was for Robyn, I really think the best is still to come. Fingers crossed for an even better 2008!

Anonymous said...

Flexiboy here!

DontStopthePop introduced me to Robyn. Thank you and what an amazing year its been for Robyn! How do ya top 2007? Oh year, release a new album! Seriously tho, Robyn is one of the finest live acts I've seen so she deserves this more than anyone else.

Emma Sheehy said...


Dont Stop The Pop had to give this to Robyn. I voted for Robyn!!! And Grrr if it had gone to Mandy Moore or No Angels I woulda had words! said...

Yeah No Angels haven't had the same success as Robyn. Although they've done well I don't think another single will come out from them in the future. Their reunion and comeback was more All Saints than Take That.

Robyn is amazing and is a well-deserving winner of this. I voted for her.

Anonymous said...

she's great and i knew her before discovering this blog, i have some of her albums as well, but this blog is becoming a Robyn blog... can's u talk about other new pop acts? otherwise call it DontStopRobyn or something like that!!!

Robpop said...

Thanks for the kind comments! I can't wait to see/hear what Robyn does in 2008!

Anon, this blog wouldnt be here if it wasn't for Robyn. In fact its named after Robyns 3rd album...more pop acts will appear soon...but Robyn will always be the empress of this blog.

As for No Angels, I've heard they are going to put out another album next year.

D'luv said...

Robyn done good! She's winning awards and kudos all over the place -- she was my pick for best pop single of the year! We love that little pixie stick!

Anonymous said...

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