The Sarah Whatmore Award for giving us pop fans amazing singles but sadly no album!

Winner: Supersister

Supersister launched their careers with the amazing pop anthem Coffee. With its references to hot toffee and caffeine addiction their debut single predicted the current 2007 craze of Starbucks, Neros and all their ilk. It is said the UK drinks more coffee than tea which is pretty amazing considering tea built the British empire. Perhaps then Coffee was released just too early but exposes the brilliance of the girlband Supersister. In this time period, the Spice Girls were splitting hairs with dodgy Darkchild collaborations and Atomic Kitten saved their careers with the Mills and Boone classic Whole Again. Supersister stormed onto the pop scene with all turbo’s charged and metaphores as bright as the rainbows that created them. The first single was a sequel to Its Raining Men. Heads turned, necks aroused and hotpants picked out. Coffee confirmed that a brand new girlband had arrived.

Further eye-brows were raised with the second camp-as-tits single called Shopping. If Coffee predicted the nations’ love for drinking a latte, Supersister predicted the UK’s love for credit cards, Selfridges, H&M and going into debt decked out in Gucci, bling and Prada heels. Despite the amazing trick to predict the future, the country failed to respond however the fan base grew and grew. Then came the 3rd single Summer Gonna Come Again. Seeing as global warming has totally effected our seasons, Supersister predicted the environmental changes, whackey weather motifs and poor August sun-rays. Back then the terms carbon footprint sounded like a East London night club. Now even the politicians are getting down to problem of too much Summer sun. Yet the title of the 3rd Supersister single forewarned it all. Spooky aint it!? All three singles somehow foretold a story of the UK, nay the world!

The Video for Coffee

So, with each single release the fanbase grew and it hoped for a parent album. It didn’t come. Gut Records shelved the album “Lip Service” and people today have clearly voted for its instant release. Pop acts, especially girlbands, are often messed about by other interests that have nothing to do with the music or the acts involved. Its often put down as “record company politics” yet despite the fact of 6 years passing, its clear people still want to see some kind release of Lip Service! A lot of fans were left dissapointed and clearly still want its release.

So who are Supersister? They consist of Eleanor Phillips, Louise Fudge, and Tina Peacock. You could clearly hear on the songs themselves that they loved to dance, sing pop and were good friends with each other. They could truly belt out the hard notes without melting down the listeners eardrums ala Christina Aguilera. If you listen to Boys In the Backseat (b-side to Coffee) the girls go all “Aretha” on the feminist popditty without edging into Destiny Childs unfunny territory of Survivor. Even today they are covered. Not only was their fourth single “Just Came To Dance” swallowed up by S Club 8 but the Icelandic girlband Nylon recently covered Summer Gonna Come Again.

Supersister you have been voted by readers Don’t Stop The Pop as the act they’d most like to see the album from and by proxy perhaps this means ya the most missed pop act in recent memory. They were fun, kind and the perfect pop group. They reflected the world and the generation of pop fans the songs were aimed at! And, as illustrated above, they predicted quite a lot too! If there is any pop justice in the world Gut Records will do the right thing and secure the release of Lip Service. Or, alternatively Don’t Stop The Pop will hire an S.A.S macho Pop task force to break into the h.q of the record company and snatch Lip Service! Seriously though, Supersister you were great and are muched missed. Perhaps one day Lip Service will see the light of day and when that comes I’ll raise my Chai Latte in celebration but remember folks “never” “instant, cus he’s too quick!”.

By Robpop!
A Huge thanks to Matt and the girls!



D'luv said...

This is just my personal taste, naturally, but I could never really get into "Coffee." I bought the import single and played it repeatedly at first, but I just wasn't that into it. Granted, it's been at least 6 years since I last listened, so perhaps it's time to dig out and give a second chance?

As for Spice Girls dodgy Rodney Jerkins tracks, there are some that are really great, and were just ahead of their time! Much like SuperSister!

Mark said...

Excellent! I Voted for this group!!! WOOT!

paul @ said...

I have to say that i always thought the Spice Girls should have come back with something like the supersister songs. I feel they would have done much better. Then they should have done the rodney jerkins tracks which actually are v good (some not all.)

Robpop said...

D'Luv-Coffee is an absolute pop anthem. It should be read as a tribute to Its Raining Men. Nothing more and nothing less. The votes tallied, revealed that people want to hear the rest of the recordings from which those singles came from. Alesha Dixon came in a close second btw. I'm sure we'll have some release of her album now that she's done so well on the British version of Strictly Come Dancing.

Dig Coffee out. Try it again. Its pure pop. Witty at times too.

From Forever I liked Tell Me Why. The problem with the Spice Girls doing that genre of music was that it was too much of a leap from Spiceworld. Where were the catchy pop songs that you could sing along too with your mates? For sure its a cohesive album but not the album the Spice Girls should have done. Perhaps 50/50 would have been better. It needed a bit more jump. Thats all. The thing about the Forever album was that the songs could have been recorded by any act. Brandy could have done Holler.

I agree with paul...the 3rd spice girls album should have been more pop/camp with 3 Darkchild songs that would have eased us "pop patriots" into a rnb/electro 4th album...

Digital Technique said...

Had forgotten the geniusness of Supersister - they did have some really good songs! I think they should join the list of groups reforming and make a comeback in 2008!! :)

Anonymous said...

About time the girls got some respect ! I went to school with one of them and you always wanted to see your old mates do well...and If hadn't been for Gut Records putting everything behind Tom Jones (on the label at the same time as SS),"Lip Service" would have been released and sold extremely well !

BTW,did you know they pitched for Eurovision a couple of years ago with a song that piddled all over what ended up being picked...? I've heard it - and it's a cracker..

Coffee epitomises every thing that's good about the summer..along with the Almighty remix of Shopping and the Love to Infinity mix of Summer's Gonna Come Again,you've got a winner.

If S/A/W have had their heads screwed on instead of wasting time over the girls from Sheila's Wheels,these girls would have done the business again.

Anonymous said...

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