Well that was fun! Coughing up blobs of blood is not nice but things are better now. The worst part of the entire surgery thing? The anesthesia! The effects last quite some time and just when you think your free they'll hit you one more time right out of blue. So now I am in a fighting mood. And that reflects my favourite song of the moment. They are German. They are fierce. They got nude for their debut record. The boys touch each other in the album sleeve. They use guitars. They are a tiny bit scary. But oh they are so so so good.

As a pop group they could be described as the ABBA of gothrock world-I love them. If you loved it when Cher got dirty with Meatloaf you'd love the Nu Pagadi album. It features Billy Idol covers, songs with names like Queen of Pain (think a brilliant cross between Robyns with Be Mine and Anastasia's Left Outside Alone) and Moonlight Pogo (think Jonah's Summer High with a bit of T-REX). A few years ago, Finland was seen as groundbreaking for bringing gothrock to the holy pop church of Eurovision however Nu Pagadi were miles of ahead of them. And far more catchier too.

Mike of PoptrashAddicts and Poppostergirl have often professed a love for songs that, despite being sung in a different language, manage to transcend such boundaries. Well, listen to Nu Pagadi. The same applies. And if you like a little bit of English in your songs they bend to your desires by generally throwing in a chorus in English (actually, I think theres not one song on the album thats all in German).

The 1st single with their member Doreen who'd already gone AWOL!

Nu Pagadi are exactly what I need at the moment. Catchy, unforgiving and hardcore pop. The track Hellfire retraces the brilliant ABBA b-sides Rock Me and That's Me while owning one of the most dramatic choruses I've heard in yonks. It rips through the speakers and into your popbrain. Wait till they get to the English chorus! Its soooooooo camp. Written by Jorn-Uwe Fahrenkrog-Peterson and Lukas Hilbert, Hellfire takes on some wonderfully anthemic qualities. I'm quite surprised Cheyenne Records didnt release Hellfire as the follow-up to the sublime lead single Sweetest Poison (footnote: if you buy the album you'll hear an amazing electropop version Sweetest Poison!).

I myself was quite worried. Whatever next? My Chemical Romance? No not quite. Nu Pagadi recalls the brilliant rifts of nearly operatic rock outfits by Jim Steinman but also throws in some glamrock for good measure while never ever forgetting their pop routes. For a Popstars band, their songs played with their listeners. At moments coyly celebrating the penis (Moonlight Pogo) and at others obviously rejoicing death (Dying Words). Nu Pagadi's album "Your Dark Side" is something to be heard....

While I've been away so many things have happened!

Alcazar got back together as a 3some and this is the new cover of their brand new single:

Classy no?! I totally forgot to add a link to a snippet to the new song last night so here goes. One is very excited with the return of the fab3. Staying in Sweden, Lykke Li released her album yesterday and performed this with Robyn. Its gloriously kooky.

No Angels revealed their brilliant new song Disappear. Its not a Eurovision song but its makes me warm inside. Hear it here. It will feature on the timely re-release of their album Destiny. The popstastic duo Same Difference have picked Breaking Free as their debut single. Sadly that one wont secure a second single deal. They need to think out of the box. As in fly to Sweden or Denmark and record a most bubblelicious delicious new song that will warm up our February blues much in the same way Kylie's Wow is getting us all upbeat and perusing the summer deals to Ibiza. Methinks their X Factor sisterband Hope might have the upperhand at the moment. Rumour has it they are working with Remee (of Jamelia's Superstar) and Hanne Sorvaag (of the No Angels song above Disappear).

The brilliant girl due Milk And Honey have completely changed their direction with their new single Beschutzen. The new sound is more rock and less of the middle eastern thing. Watch the exclusive play below. Not only is some of it in German but theres a Tic Tac Toe (one of Germanys finest girlbands) feeling to it.

Popjustice explores the ramifications of Alesha Dixons new tactics to promote her music career. While many find the car advert hilarious, I just see it as powerfully degrading for some reason. Its left me with a bitter aftertaste. Moving on to much sweeter things, TheZapping has called it a day but it seems the blog has just gone on one of those lush and executive sabbaticals with champaign and rays of sunshine to compliment its semi-retirement. I hope so anyway. Come back soon when fully refreshed! The superband Natural Ex are preparing themselves for the eventual release of their album. I can't wait!

After Basehunter, who will be the 2nd Swedish to go to no.1 this year? Fuentes?

Dontstopthepop favourite Michel Fuentes has some brilliant gems up his sleeve this year and I await his new album with great anticipation. Its dripping pop. You can hear his first two massive singles through his myspace. I've got that funny feeling that he might be the second act from Sweden to go to no.1 this year.....(watch this space!).

Its cosmic!


Poster Girl said...


but more importantly,


Ugh--it sounds like the aftermath of your surgery was awful!

More rock groups should be like Nu Pagadi--"catchy, unforgiving and hardcore pop" is a great description.

I got Lykke Li's album on Wednesday and have been singing along with the chant in "Breaking It Up" since then. For all the Robyn comparisons she gets, though, she doesn't really have something as out-and-out non-lo-fi pop as, say, "Be Mine!" or "Who's That Girl." Which is fine--not everyone needs to be Robyn--but, I don't know, there is part of me that wishes there were one or two big pop moments like that. Now it's going to sound like I've got negative opinions about her--that's not the case at all! Eek. Just one tiny thought in my overall opinion, doesn't get across what I really think. I will be interested to read what XO writes, if he writes about the album.

I didn't pay any attention to Hope, but that's interesting songwriter news! And thanks for the Milk & Honey news. I hope N.E.X. get their album out there some day--I've enjoyed everything from them so far. And yay for Michel Fuentes--oh, I would be so thrilled for him if he had that much success!

Digital Technique said...

Yay you're back, hope you're fully recovered! :)

Some random thoughts from me on your 1st post back,

- Alcazar are back - possibly the most exciting comeback of 2008 so far (I know we are only a few weeks in but it definitely beats Atomic Kittens!)

- Never really listened to Nu Pagadi much before but definitely think I need to give them another listen.

- LOVE the new No Angels song, Lykke Li and Michel Fuentes - would be more than happy if even just one of them had some success in the UK this year.

Mark A said...



Adem With An E said...

SO glad to hear you are back mister, please take care of yourself *virtual hugs*

SO good to hear about Alcazar, and are you loving the Robyn/Snoop remix?


D'luv said...

Nice to have you back, and glad everything went okay for you to be back :) So, are you a fan of the Basshunter song? I want to like it, but it's just so devoid of any feeling for me...

Robpop said...

Alcazar are back! YAY!

PPG thanks sweetie. The surgery was nasty but things are ok now

Nu Pagadi are very catchy. Quite surprising really. They are a bit like the Ark. Only a lot popppier.

Re Ms.Li
I didnt notice the Robyn comparisons. If they exist they seem a bit out of place as you state. Lyyke Li is doing her own thing and quite apart from Robyn.

I think Hope got loads of slating. Some deserved. Some not. My weak spot of girlgroups made me a fan anyway. I'm hoping the rumours turn out to be true...this country could do with a 5 piece to rival Girls Aloud (especially as the Spice Girls reunion fell flat).

I love NEX! I can't wait to finally buy their album. I too am loving everything they've done so far. Big things are planned for Mr.Fuentes for 2008!

Digital-Technique...thank you...Alcazar always trump Atomic Kitten. Which for a huge girlband boy like me FROM LIVERPOOL is a lot for me to say..Hehehe

Nu Pagadi are quite interesting. Loads of Guitars, loads of boys and yet....theres a bonnie tyler/cher quality to the songs. I end up dancing to the songs from their album...which is actually a dance album..

Thanks Adem! Love the hook-up. Might break her in the US. How odd eh!

Mark A THANK YOU!!!! I LOVE YOUR USE OF !!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP IT UP!!!111!!!! Seriously though, i expect quite a few Swedish chart attacks in the UK this year ;-)

D'luv: thank you...but your right...i hate the Basehunter song! Of all the Swedish tracks from last year to go global it had to be that one. Hopefully Isabel, Jonah Michel Fuentes will be the ones to put Swedish Dance(POP) back at the top of the charts with a sense of melody, love, emotion and quality.

Anonymous said...

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