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Today is a real celebration of 2001! It doesn't feel like it was 7 years ago but there you go! Oh the memories! Ok, this one is for the boys of Vauxhall, the dancing queens of Denmark and party princesses of Berlin. Its electro, its pumping and it recalls some brilliant early 2000 baselines that Europe is famous for. No Angels are considered as the mighty German girlband of the family of Popstars shows. Monrose have nothing on them (yet!) and lets not even talk about The Preluders. The fact that they’ve had huge successes both musically and commercially proves this point. Not only have No Angels survived the fate that befalls many girlbands (where are Expose, Eternal and SWV?) and Popstar bands (where are Excellence, Truebliss and Bardot?) but they’ve reached the pinnacle of producing a greatest hits album-something which very few bands produced out of the Popstar format ever manage to reach.

However, to me it’s all about the girlband that wasn’t the winning band. The German “Phixx” if you will. You see, while No Angels produced some great albums, Fresh*n*Juicy produced two great singles that I treasure quite madly. If I had to save either debut singles by each band from a burning flat, I’d choose the Fresh*n*Juicy Cd over Daylight In Your Eyes every time.

Take their track Dub-I-Dub. As you can see it’s a cover! A full set of A star marks awarded to the band for covering the pop legends Me&My but they also manage to actually improve on the Danish original. You’ve got to take your mind back to 2001. No Angels had released Daylight In Your Eyes. Despite not being chosen to be in No Angels, for being too poptastic I suspect, Fresh*n*Juicy decided to put on their hotpants, sequins and dig out their favourite Danish pop tracks. They released two singles. Dub-I-Dub and Life Is What You Make Of It. Both of which are poptrash anthems. Their version of Dub-I-Dub is just sublime and will always be my Ipod favourite. Yes it was probably far too clubby to ever reach the charts. Even for Germany! But its wonderfully trancy. If only No Angels had as been poptastic! Just think of the possibilities!!!

Fact: They consist of Franzi and Juana

Fact: Life is What You Make Of It sounds like a cross between Gina G’s Just A Little Bit, Boney M and Army of Lovers.

Fact: Their song “Touch” is a piece of Europop gold-dust.


Anonymous said...

DSTP they are awful! But I love that song. Thank you


Digital Technique said...

Have never heard of them but am loving this song! Definitely going straight on my iPod! :) Thanx!

Christopher said...

Have you seen the video to "Life is what you make it"? It features Franziska and Juana walking down a street in their finest get up, whilst fast cars zoom past them... I've not seen it since the release, when I was living in Germany at the time, and can't find it on Youtube either :(

Anonymous said...

I now that Dub-i-Dub is a cover but from what band?
Please please tell me!!!!
mail me at: geertpirenslaptop(at)
Please please do!!!

Anonymous said...

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