KATE RYAN COVERS CLEA!! (and its a good one!)

So you know when I went wild over I Surrender a few years ago? You know when this blog stated that, in the world of pop, Clea were always ahead of the game. Pop frontrunners! Pop Pioneers! Even winners of the very special award for "not stopping the pop". Way before their time and all that? I even wrote up a little pop essay on their ability, and down right tenacity, to keep firm in their pop loving ways and give us great hyperbolic anthems (read here if ya like). Well! The pop legend that is Kate Ryan has honoured Clea by covering I Surrender on her latest album Free (which you can hear here). Which is completely understandable seeing as the Clea original was the best thing since sliced bread.

Its track no.3 which means it might be a single. I only presume this cos in the past tracks which come third always seem to be singles especially in the world of pop. Not a scientific fact to be sure but I am sure there's a Phd out there on the subject and results of such a study will probably find it tends to be the 3rd tracks which are often or not singles. And yes i am being side-tracked. Right! I am also very excited about this! (as you might be able to tell by the fact I am ranting on). Why? Because I loved I Surrender, I love Clea and I love Kate Ryan. It sounds like she hasn't done that much to the original which was released over 2 years ago now. The time between the two songs reveal perhaps how, dare I say it, evolutionary those Clea girls were. And they still are in their present monikers of LoveShy!

By the by, the rest of Kate Ryan album sounds utterly amazing (It even includes a duet with DSTP legend Soraya for effing sake!). Plus the front cover is Kate Ryan wearing left-over bits from a disco mirror ball which has to be simply perhaps the greatest album sleeve of 2008. So what have we learnt? Clea were well before their time. 2 Years in fact! Trinity is a great pop album and Kate Ryan knows her pop anthems.

Buy and listen to clips of Kate's new album here
Buy Clea's Trinity album here

Coming up: some interviews and pop news!


Lance said...

Ah this has rekindled my love for that album. Well before its time. Can't wait for the Loveshy album

Anonymous said...

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