Okay, its free song time and what a beauty is this one is!!! Annabelle's music sounds like a cross between Alanis and Kelly Clarkson having a lovely summer's picnic with ABBA. When I first heard Big Dreams... I was put in my place by her gloriously severe lyrics about the girl she won't become and I gathered it was a simple "guitar-pop" song. However, when the chorus came in I knew this was very different type of pop song. In an ideal world Avril Lavigne should be releasing Big Dreams... but she isn't and Annabelle is and gosh, what a relief that is. More music should be like this. If you take a gander her myspace you'll hear more very unique pop songs. My Diet contains the line "I'm starving and I went too far. I just had to eat a chocolate bar". Although only early in her career, Annabelle has instantly become a Dontstopthepop favourite. She must be signed with haste! Her style is a mixture of Cyndi Lauper, Strawberry Switchblade and touch of Toyah. It works wonderfully. A lot of Swedish popstars tend to be a tad too school for cool. But, now and then you get a pop act who'll dye their hair pink or, as you can clearly see in Annabell, go all the way & dress themselves in punkpink, polka dots and the random sailors suit (Admiralty class of course!).

So yeah, if you go with the "Kelly Clarkson meets ABBA" you'll hopefully see/hear what I mean. She certainly rocks out (check out Crawl for example) but its her poppier moments when things turn out the best (see Robots and the Mood to Kill). Her song That People is one of the finest pop songs of the year! Its like Kylie's The One sped-up had a dirty experience with a lost Rolling Stones b-side. If you don't believe me check it out yourself!

Annabelle's album is certainly going to be a rollercoaster ride when it eventually comes out. I can't wait to have it in my hands. Personally, I think it should come with its own line of fizzypop for her sound just too energetic and too poppy to be limited to the aural delights of the speakerphone. She is a forced to be reckoned with! When I listen to her music I get "Red Bull'd". To snip that commercial line from that rather addictive drink; she 'gives me wings'.....Yes, definately put Annabelle in the "must be signed to big record company" box now!


Paul said...

i'm all for a bit of fizzypop:)

Iza said...

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BertieDanielPopPrince said...

She's great!

Len said...

As usual, you turn up the absolute cream of the pop! If you were in California, I'd marry you (and now I could...).

Lance said...

My thoughts on PayTV's Fashion Report:

Awww, Heidi has totally taken the idea of this song and shat out something disgusting in her new single Fashion (which is good-check it out!).

My thoughts on Annabelle:

She is really zany. But not in a trying too hard way. I really like this. Its addictive.

Robpop said...

Len lets marry!

Anonymous said...

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