Kate is a pop princess. A pop legend! She's just released her fourth album & her current material is doing rather well around Europe. Dontstopthepop had a little chat with Ms.Ryan on all things pop, her future & her famous moment at Eurovision where she really should have won (and would she represent the UK next year?)....

You have a cult following in the UK, and with the success of Robyn, September, Alphabeat and Basehunter there is a real taste for Europop here. The very type of music that you’ve been doing for some time. Will there be any UK promo coming up?

For the moment the focus is on the release of my latest album ‘Free’ in 30+ countries in Europe, Middle East and Asia. Our team at Universal Music International in London is preparing the release for the UK & Ireland as we speak, so stay tuned. In the meanwhile my previous album ‘Alive’ has been released to warm things up a bit.

How do you feel about your latest album?
I was involved in the whole process of writing and arranging the songs so I am really happy. This is my fourth ‘baby’, but it’s my favourite.

Is this the message about “Free”?

I feel
free in everything I do so that was an obvious title. The title also fits with the previous album titles ‘Different’, ‘Stronger’, ‘Alive’.

Your albums are pure pop. Relentless beats. For the discos and dancing around in the bedroom-and of course right before summer-perfect timing! Are you living out your pop dreams?

Every album I make I try to bring out the best of myself, my co-writers and producers. My previous album was a lot more pop oriented, but somehow for this one we went back to a more dance feel. Call it dance-pop.

In other words would you see yourself doing any other form of music?

I could see myself doing all kinds of music. I like rock, r&b, dance, soul…But dance is what I am best at and most appreciated for.

You covered the British girlband Clea and their 2006 classic “I Surrender”. It’s a dontstopthepop favourite and I am so glad its been given a second lease of life. Thank you! Will you release it? Its an amazing track!

When I first got the demo from the record company I didn’t know it had already been released. We worked hard on it to make it sound great and it worked. The track is on my new album and might be released as a single.

You’ve got a massive gay following. How do you feel about that?

I am really grateful for the support I get from the gay community. Last year I also wrote the official anthem for the Eurogames 2007, the gay community Olympics you might call it. I was really honoured when they asked me. The track is called ‘We All Belong’ and is also on the album.

If there was any other female singer out there who would you most want to do a duet with?

Madonna, no doubt ! On the other hand maybe that way she would lose a bit of her superstar status for me and I need someone to look up to!

Talking of which, I love Soraya of Spain. You’ve collaborated for this album. How did that come about?

We were discussing different possibilities with our Spanish label and they asked if I would be interested in doing a duet with Soraya. She is also a dance/pop singer and has huge success in Spain, so I didn’t doubt for a second. We are actually working on an other duet which will be on Soraya’s new album, set for release by the end of the year.

Are you going to put this very dance-pop album on stage and tour it?

I am currently touring throughout Europe with my band and of course we are playing tracks of the new album. It’s great.

I loved your Eurovision performance but was quite bemused when suddenly right when you were about to change key there was a shot of someones foot. Random! What happened?!

Yeah, the director did some strange things during my performance. Of course I only saw that afterwards so I didn’t realise all those weird shots had been shown.

UK came last…again this year! Would you ever represent the UK and save us from coming last come 2009?

Eurovision was a great experience for me, but I don’t think I will ever compete again.

You went no.1 in Swedish Itunes chart and in the normal charts it went to no.2 with your latest single. Congrats! How does that feel? They seriously know good pop when they hear it!

Sweden is my second home. I spent so much time there writing, composing and recording that I feel very well there. Music must be one of Sweden’s biggest exports, the really have the knack for hits. That makes it even more special to get a #2 spot in the charts.

You are certainly keeping pop very much alive. Is that your passion? You don’t stop the pop...

Music is my passion. I can not imagine a life without it. I am happy that other people can enjoy themselves with my music.

Do you ever get nervous when performing or is it so natural now that you just enjoy the ride?

Let’s say I’m excited before a show, and a bit nervous. But once my bands plays the intro and I walk on stage the stress changes into shear enjoyment.

When I first heard your Spinning Around it was on a friends Ipod that I’d borrowed. I ended up dancing madly. I think it was on the bus. And, by the way I wasn’t drunk. I think I even did some retro robotronic moves. So thanks for that! I loved Spinning Around. Alive was an amazing pop album. Do you ever dance to your music and if not…then which female singer has had you going wild in public?

To be honest when I am in a club or out on the town and the dj puts on my record I run for the toilet…I am very proud of what I do, but very shy when people start looking at me in a club for example when my music’s on, so you will certainly not find me dancing to it. I really like Robyn, Kylie, Madonna, Amy Winehouse,….

The music industry is changing so much. Its moving in the hands of the fans, the artists and most importantly away from the majors. Where do you see yourself in this ever evolving world of music?

I consider myself very lucky to still have a deal with Universal Music. They are doing such a great job at promoting my music all over Europe that I feel that the role of the majors is not over yet. I even feel they are a bit underrated for the moment. It’s amazing to have a team of people working for your success. That’s also why I am dedicated to doing my very best and not letting anyone down, be it fans, my entourage or the record label. Everybody is working really hard, and I hope we will have great results.

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Anonymous said...

I read your blog on girlbands and I don't know if you've heard these before or not:

Lucy Street
21st Century Girls
The Cheeky Girls
The Tuesdays
The Pipettes

Mike said...

Another great interview. I love Kate and she's looking fab for a 49 year old. I wish her all the best with her new album!

BertieDanielPopPrince said...

Kate Fucking Ryan?! She's fierce! thanks robz!

Jamie said...

Fabulous interview. I'm a big fan of Kate and hope she'll carry on churning out the dance hits.

Robpop said...

Mike, check out the album. Some of the tracks are written (or produced) by like the likes of Ian Curnow.

Anon, I know some of these bands. Some of them i dont. The blog on couldn't cover all the girlbands in existence. There are so many more now! The Tuesdays? are the related to the Saturdays.

I loved Smile.DK! I think they're making a small comeback now.

Anonymous said...


If you're interested you can find The Tuesdays, Charmed, YakiDa and another girlband, Grace, here:

Anonymous said...

your a bit obsessed with saying "pop" all the time. Especially when she's a dance artist...

Anonymous said...

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