Nic Kat is a legend round these hoods. His music is one for the clubs but his soaring vocals bounce along to a pop beat. He reminds me of Therese Granvalt of Sweden. Only in a male form. Or perhaps Therese Granvalt reminds me of Nic Kat. I'm not sure. Either way I've interview both legends of dance, Stonebridge and fine pop music. A few months ago, Nic Kat was featured on Dontstopthepop with a lovely free download of the Alex Gaudino remix of Some Lovin' so its only natural that we should have a chat about Marcia Hines, eating watermelon and willies.

You’ve covered Some Lovin’! That’s a legendary track by the iconic queen of clubs Kristine W. Why Kristine W?

Actually, the original version was by "Liberty City" back in 1993. I never heard the song before so i was given that song for reference and then I did my own research and heard Kristine's version. I always like to know the songs background before I even touch it.

Yeah you’ve layered a hardcore pop feeling to the track. With elements of trance backing it up. Whereas Kristine’s was just a big vocal your version has some real tenderness to it. Was that the intention?

Oh yes, that's was definitely the intention. I wanted to get the message across without being too aggressive.

By the way, what is ‘some lovin’. Why not ‘all of the lovin’?

Well, you only get "All of my Lovin" if you work hard for it baby. I don't just serve it up on a platter and give it out just to anyone

Your music is inspired by love and lovers. What ‘lover’ has made the biggest impact on your creative juices. In other words, a bad lover or a good one? One that breaks your heart or puts it back together again? Which one do you think engenders the most creativity out of you?

Hmmmmmm nice question. Well if you look at some of my latest releases such as "Scream" & "I Believe In Love" they've been inspired by a good sexy lover. Different lovers of course inspire me different ways in all my tracks. Some are imaginary, but i would have to say one that breaks my heart brings out the best of me. And looking at the bright side of the picture at least i get a song or songs out of it in the end. Screw the good memories...

Are sweet dreams truly made of these and if so what keeps you up at night?

Well sometimes i guess, What keeps me up at night? Viagra. Only kidding, I've never used the stuff. It's all natural...

One of your best-friends is Marcia Hines.

I've known Marcia since i was a kid so basically I've grown up with her around me and so it was only natural that my crave for music would be as prominent as it is. She's had a big part on developing my talent. She's one of the most genuine and non bullshit artists you'll meet in the industry.

Tell me, you’ve had some of your songs recorded by Marcia and Delta Goodrem. How did this come about and what was it like?

I've been writing with Marcia for years and i still am and actually one of the tracks that was released was just us jamming in her lounge room. The Delta track came about as we were working with the same production team so she liked the song I was writing and then she wrote her bits and recorded it.

The music of Delta is quite far away from the sound that you yourself release. Are you getting her to come away from the piano and into the club?

Well, I guess her and the piano is working for her and she could go into the clubs but she'll have to get some remixes happening. The track we did was a ballad so it was very her.

You were also in the deeply moving video for Shower the People by Marcia and Belinda. What are your thoughts, looking back now, on that time.

I just remember having such a great time that day. I was one of the tallest guys on the set so i had to be pushed around till i kinda blended in there and then eventually they found me a spot. I did get in trouble on the set though and Marcia came up to me and said "What Happened?" I said I ate the props (Watermelon) and then Marcia replied "Oh darling, you don't eat the props....." then one of the guys told me i could get sick from eating the watermelon cause it was sprayed with some chemicals but i was fine. But it was also a very moving day as Belinda was feeling cold but she was really happy to be there and take her part. Looking back on it now i smile and just think how blessed i was to be in such a beautiful video.

You’ve worked a lot in Sweden. How was that?

I love Sweden, i have been there quite a bit and really enjoy it. I'm back there again soon. They make really good pop music & bread.

Talking of which, you're working a lot with Stonebridge…what was that experience like?

StoneBridge is a very clever man. He is just so good with anything technical it freaks me out. However, some producers are just that. Computers whizzes and not musicians. But he is so musically talented it's unbelievable.

And perhaps related to this, is there an album in the works coming from you in the near future?

I am working on tracks now that are absolutely incredible ! whether or not they are singles or to be on an album is uncertain yet as it's early stages. But i can tell you that the amazing Tracy Young has remixed one of the tracks and it's just mind blowing. Whoever has heard it has just been totally blown away.

Now lets discuss that profile picture on your myspace! Are you on the floor there and if so whats the rest of the body doing?

When I took those pictures I was told to take them down off my site by my musical team as they said it was "Borderline Porn" which I found a total joke cause it wasn't like I was sitting there flopping my dick out. Really.... So I kept them up there and people like them and so do I so that's all that matters. I was actually sitting down and feeling kinda crushed in some places. But that's ok, sometimes you get that.

I only ask you could also be on a table. And I am thinking that perhaps you're bringing out your own IKEA table range. Which would be oh so unique. But still, why ya on a table?

Hahahahahhaha that would have been easier but it was on a cement floor.

Returning to the music industry. Its changed so much. With Idol! With the internet. It truly is in the hands of the artist. Promotion has changed and so many new singers have emerged, that perhaps, might have been overlooked by majors. Where do you think its heading?

I honestly couldn't tell you where it's heading and if it truly is in the hands of the artist as you mention. When you don't deliver something that's not liked by the labels they are only going to turn it down and you could be all for it and the people that are buying your music but it ain't going to get a release. That's when you release it yourself but things like remixes are very expensive so you'll only get swap favours. For instance you'll see a dance artist release a single and it's so predictable who will remix their work, It's usually someone they've already worked with. If your friends are high profile dj's then it works in your favour and so releasing and marketing your tracks on your own is not such a bad idea and could possibly be an avenue I could look into the future but i've been lucky as the labels have been on my side. So no complaints for now.


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