Bjartmar Þórðarson-Algjörlega spillt (IS AMAZING!!!!!)


There's pop and there's turbo pop schlager pop! I'd put Bjartmar under the box labeled the latter. Bjartmar, a boy of Iceland, has given my speakers the ride of their life last night and today. I cannot stop playing his music. This stuff is absolutely addictive. Collaborating with Pall Oskar and the absolutely AMAZING songwriter Örlygur (Öggi) Smári, any lovers of Army Of Lovers, Ace Of Bace, Carola, Lena, Linda B and the aforementioned Pall will really like Algjörlega spillt. f your particular fond of Kate Ryan's Je T'adore you might find yourself shaking your behind to its brilliant popstatic shifts, changes and its feisty melody. This is absolute camp drama put to sound.

While your checking out his myspace, I'd also play Vil Annan Dag i Paradis. It has swooping strings, whispered vocals and key changes. For me however its all about Algjörlega spillt. Carola Magnus Carlsson, and Charlotte take heed. I can see them losing sleep over this song.! Completely out of this universe. I can't understand a word of his lyrics but it absolutely transcends such barriers. It is brilliant schlager! Dig a little deeper and one will remember that Örlygur (Öggi) Smári is the guy behind Icelands stunning Eurovision attempt This Is My Life by the steller act Euroband and Palls big Icelandic number no.1 Allt fyrir ástina.

If you like all those previously mentioned acts you'll really like Bjartmar. With tracks like Algjörlega spillt and Vil Annan Dag i Paradis one finds himself highly anticipating his album this year. It sounds like it could be the first popstatic release of the year. Hopefully the first of many of 2009....You can buy all his stuff here.


Johan said...

I luve this!!!

Poster Girl said...

Ooo, does he actually have a proper album coming out this year? It's about time!

You're so right about the songwriter, too--I don't know many Icelandic songwriters, but he's absolutely my favorite one going. His is the entry in this year's Icelandic final that I'm most interested to hear.

Lance said...

How did you find this guy? He must be the only popstar I know who poses next to a shisha!

Thanks for the tip

Craig said...

amazing, does he actually have a cd coming out?

Paul said...

and i'm going to sound such a doofus trying to pronounce this when i describe how ace it is to my friends!

Robpop said...

Paul, hehehe! This is the kind of music that is so cheering me up in my time of melancholia. I have no idea how to pronounce the guys name but i am sure it will be fun after a few cherries. Perhaps make a game out of it. So doofus not! International Gamemaster yes!

PPG i hope he has has an album out!! I think its coming in August.

By the way, I've just been informed that Algjoralega spillt translates as spoiled brat. So you can hurl that in an up and coming argument and no one would no what your saying. Unless they be from Iceland.

Lance, just stumbled on him. Ever since he's been lifting me up with his bouncy schlager rifts. Buzzin

Thank you Johan/Craig :-)

Bjartmar said...

Thanks for your positive comments! You´ve really inspired me to push my next single forward! "Algjörlega Spillt" means "Completely Decadent" - and is a song about giving in to your urges to feel alive...Don´tStopThePop will be the first to know when my next single is out!

Bjartmar Thordarson
Singer and lyricist-Algjörlega Spillt

Better Than You said...

In your face DSTP!

Anonymous said...

Oh oh oh dear

Anonymous said...

Is this on CD?

Anonymous said...


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