Daniela-its such a rush! (Key Pop Act of 2009)

Daniela is a cross between September and Velvet but this Swedish pop princess is more discotastic than her chart rivals. She borrows more from the pop genre than a dance background. Tracks like Simply Cause I Miss You, Love Go, You and I and Push It Up are more Freemasons than anything that has come out of the Swedish pop clubs of recent years. Personally, I feel she's less clubby than, say Kate Ryan or Cascada, and recalls a bit more Therese & those glorious Uniting Nations mixes of Clea. Not that there's anything wrong with Kate or Cascada. I adore them both. Daniela just brings a brings something different to the wall of pop. Just sayin'.

Her debut single, Push It Up, must be released in the UK. It sounds like something from Therese's album crossed with a lost Booty Luv track. I first heard about Daniela when I stumbbled on the singer Gathania back in October but it wasn't until the great blogger Alex of S.O.S Revival wrote about her that I really paid attention. From then on, Daniela has appeared on the British blog Scandipop and going by the great tracks on myspace player Ministry of Sound or Hard2Beat will have her signed before you can say Tack!

With the involvment of 2NProductions (the brilliant pop writers Niclas Bergwall and Niclas Kings) Daniela's album is already on my 2009 wishlist. I can't wait.


Aaron said...


Anonymous said...

"It sounds like something from Therese's album crossed with a lost Booty Luv track."

...Has Therese had an album then? I have the single and love it. Any chance you could do a little feature on the album?

Robpop said...

Aaron the album is on its way!!! YAY!

Hi Anon!!!

Therese had an album, it was called Acapulco..you can hear snippets here


I highly recommend it ;-)

Anonymous said...

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