The Daniela Early Album Preview

Back in October 2008, the brilliant site SoundsOfSweden previewed the new act Daniela. A year later she’s all over Poland, working with the hit masters Double N on her debut album and the toast of the fabulous blog Scandipop. In the genealogy of pop, some might say she's related to September, Kate Ryan, Gathania, bWo and Velvet. However, listening to the blocks of pop on her album its clear she is doing something different than those aforementioned acts. Personally I find her sound harks back to an updated PWL sound. If you like the new Bananarama output you will love Daniela……

Just Like Making Love

This sounds a lot like an amalgamation of everything we adore about bWo and Fernando by ABBA. It also retraces music released by fellow Swedish pop princess Therese. However, this subtle track refuses to be an obvious dance “choon” but rather prefers a chill out route. It relies mainly on her Daniela’s vocals instead of hiding behind clever production. Many lovers of Café Del Mar (Energy 52) will lap this track up. Clearly, Daniela is not just about the dancefloor but about the lush aftermath when the sun comes up and the warmth embraces the skin. Just Like Making Love reflects this transition. She can get you moving to the beat as well as chilling to the beautiful sunrise. Absolutely beautiful. Pop at its best.

Boy You

Of all the Daniela songs I’ve heard this is the most Europop. It sounds like the return of Infernal just without the heavy trance blocks that are so stereotypical of the Danish duo. Boy You features male backing vocals which makes you immediately jump to Lady GaGa & Cascada comparisons but its more of a subtle track. Clearly, the brief of the Daniela album has been “no fillers-just hits”. All the songs on the album could be potential chart successes. Boy You refuses to drop the ball. I love this song.

Back On Track

In true scandipop form the chorus of Back On Track hits you long before the first verse. The boys of ABBA always said that that immediacy of the catchy chorus was key to a successful pop song and consequently Back On Track is relentlessly addictive. If Dannii Minogue released another album it coulda included Back On Track as the lead single. This includes a number of altering verses, choruses, bridges and strings which I love. This multiplicity reveals perhaps is its complicated structure making it a force of pop that will certainly go down well in both the winter months as well as under the disco parties on the beaches of Ibiza.

You and I

This is camp as Christmas. One of Daniela’s upbeat songs on the album. The Stock/Aitken/Waterman references are all over this track. It sounds like a beautiful hybrid of Mel & Kims Respectable & anything by early Kylie. There’s even a Mel & Kim-esq “tay-tay-tay” sound effect as she hits the chorus. This could be the first single in the UK. It has that cross-over appeal. Not to mention the glorious “put your hands up in the air” party feel to the entire affair. Lovely juicyfizzypop. Absolutely adore it! This could be huge in the UK.

Push It Up

The debut single by Daniela is pure pop cheese but I actually found Push It Up the least of my favourites. Primarily due to the fact that it feels like it’s the most traditional track in its structure and form. The other songs are quite different in that respect. Push It Up just isn’t as distinct as the other anthems. Its good but its not as good as the other songs on the album.

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