Hello all!

Hope your well. Its been ages since I've done one of these so its a biggie. First of all, lets all hail the amazing return of Bananarama. I am sure everyone has heard Love Comes by now. Ian Masterson is certainly a chap to pop ya collar off to. The single (aka a "bundle") is already available to pre-order here. The cd will come with amazing reworking of Cruel Summer. Nuff respect! I want it already! You can tantalizingly already hear the latter track on their official website here. Girlbands rule! Scratch that! Bananarama rule!

Another comeback is well-reported return of Natalie Imbruglia. Sigh. While I love the promo single Wild About It, the new proper single Want leaves me cold. Do we all have to be jumping on the electro bandwagon? Something tells me this genre is being over-whipped. Want, to me, sounds too much like the rather fantastic (and well underrated) track by S Club 8 New Direction. Don't get me wrong Want is good, but S Club 8 got their first.

A really interesting return is the new track by Alison Moyet! Its actually by My Robot Friend but its totally dominated by Moyet. You have to check it out. Waiting is properly stunning. Alison Moyet will be releasing a greatest hits album in time for her UK tour. The release will come with a rather special live album making it a perfect christmas gift.

Lights is back! And this time its for real! The Canadian electro princess released her beautiful EP, Lights, last year and ever since I've been addicted. Well, with her new release she shows a harder dance side to her. Her previous work was more softer. This stuff has a higher spec (as the video shows). The album, The Listening, will be out come September time. I find Saviour a bit like Sophia Somajo's (myspace) work on her groundbreaking album The Laptop Diaries which is only a good thing. Lights is doing some really big shows when she comes to the UK to promote her new single which is so good. The only way is up for this girl. Check out DSTP's interview with Lights from Feb 2009 (here).

Little Boots is about to release Remedy. Its doing rather well which is a good thing. I personally feel the song itself is a bit tight. She needs to release the amazing Biffco track Hearts Collide. Remedy is doing what its supposed to do (its already in the top twenty). But the RedOne track is no match when played next to the absolutely epic Hearts Collide. Bring it on! If its the next single it'll be massive!

MissMatch (of Sweden) are back! The new single is rather amazing. I think it should be getting airplay in Sweden right about now. Cross That Line is MASSIVE! I think it could be the track that pushes them into Europe properly. Okay, how should I describe it? Its a difficult one. Its a bit like Love At First Sight but more synthetic but don't think they've gone all Lady GaGa. There is still an organic soul to their version of pop. I am sure the girls will add it to their myspace in the very near future.

Aqua are heading to G-a-y (as reported in Scandipop). They've changed the M.J lyric in Back In the 80's & plan to release their greatest hits worldwide. Its sometimes easy to forget just how big Aqua were: they were the only rivals to the Spice Girls. With Lene's sometimes awfully high pitched voice, they soared up the charts with their gloriously cheesy pop. All around the world. Then it stopped. She released an album with Xenomania & it kinda went quiet. Well, their back. I think they've got their eyes set on the US. With a world of Jonas Brothers, High School Musical and Miley its like they never left. They'll fit right in...

Talking of which, their fellow Scandanavian Agnes Carlsson has made appearance on the American website for Interscope Records. With the huge success of Lady GaGa, it could be argued that their is indeed space for songs like Release Me & On and On. Fingers crossed. If Agnes makes it big in the USA the world truly has changed! Its release date is on the 18 (on US Amazon music). If you wanna read DSTP's interview with Agnes just go here.

Next up on DSTP: new acts ALERT!!!! (well, obviously not totally new...but new to me & DSTP)



FairyTaleBoy said...

WOW! Agnes in the US!!!!

By the way, i think you'll be out on the limb on the Natalie Imbruglia song Want. I think its a brilliant move for Natalie.

Fredrik said...

OMFG! The return of MissMatch! Why is this not on their myspace? I haven't heard it on Swedish radio.

OMFG II Agnes in the US! That is extreme. I am so proud of that bitch.

OMFG III This is the first time I've heard about the return of Bananarama! Are they releasing their stuff in Sweden/Europe?

Question: WTF is happening with Isabel Guzman?

By the way, I hate Aqua. They're awful. One hit wonders that got lucky.

D'luv said...

I was shocked to get a promo of the Agnes single in the mail yesterday!

And, I'd forgotten about Aqua. They need to do a damn full LP already.

Vinny Vero said...

Thanks for always having great stuff on your site. Really love the new Alison Moyet with My Robot Friend.

Also, I linked your blog on my blog. It's called "So Hip It Hurts" and you can find it at http://vinnyvero.blogspot.com. I'm friends with Steve from XOLondon. So we're ALL fabulous. :)

Keep up the great work. Pop is power!


Lance said...

I doubt Agnes will have any success in US. Same applies with Aqua. Natalie needs this to happen. If she doesn't I think she can board that flight back to Oz and admit defeat. She comes off really cold in interviews. Even when she's actually being really funny or nice. I think its just the way her Australian accent has become diluted down the years. While Kylie sounds warm with her hybrid accent, Natalie sounds like a stuck up bitch.

But! Returning to the music. Want is so boring. Though I did love Identify.

James said...

Where is this Natalie/Want hate coming from? I love Want & it could mark a fine return to form for her. She can't stay stuck in 1998. She has to move forward. Left of The Middle is always going to be an album she'll have difficulty shaking off but I think this proves she means business.

As for Aqua! How dare you guys diss the Aqua! Remember their words "don't take us serious". Its only a bit of fun. Right?

Len W said...

The fact that the US satellite radio dance channels have been playing Agnes in HEAVY rotation (along with Daisy's EVERYTIME, btw)plus her signing to Interscope reminds me of the launching of the latest incarnation of Robyn a year and a half ago. I hope she gets a similar fast track to success.

Aaron said...

BRILLIANCE! The Bananarama news is great, as is the Lights and Agnes info!

Anonymous said...

Agne sheuld crack the u.s and the u.k she is refreshing and the pop we need love her album on and on is fab but a direct steal of heart to heart by sweet connection