BEVERLEY KNIGHT (With Chaka Khan!)-Soul Survivor! OH YES!

I've always loved Bev. She's a soul diva here in the UK. For sure, occasionally she's had some dodgy sound choices. But like a bad wardrobe day-haven't we all gone out in public with the wrong Coco Chanel 2-piece now & then? Thing is Beverley Knight is amazing. Even when she pops out material that leaves you wanting more. Generally though, Bev gets it totally right and she'll continue to provide glorious music with amazing vocals. This time she's totally hit the nail on the head. She's come out of the closet with a dress that would have those on that Oscar Red Carpet seething with jealousy. She's also come out with a sister and legend Chaka Khan. Let me say that again. This record includes Chaka Khan.


Phew. The original version was pretty amazing. But with Bimbo Jones on the mix its soared past AMAZEBALLS and into the pop system that is EPIC ANTHEMLAND. Herein, the two diva's rock your soul, drench you in disco hyperbole and you can't not feel exuberated. I walk with pure pride when this song filters courses through the veins. The song has literally made my millenium. This song is a stamp. A stamp of happiness. Co-written by Guy Chambers, the original was pretty much excellent. But this mix has made Soul Survivor a song into a chunky 5 star vessal of sheer brilliance. It sparkles. It glistens. Even in the darkest crevices this song does its damn best to perk you right up. Thank you Chaka Khan. Thank you Beverley Knight. Soul Survivor is amazing.


Paul said...

and it sounds bloody brilliant on the radio :)

Robpop said...

Still on cloud 9 announcing the song on Larry's show. Amazing!