Loving These Things At The Moment

Loving the buzz surrounding the return of Kylie Minogue, Christina Aguilera and Robyn. The albums are very exciting indeed. First off will be Kylie proceeded by the Swedish relish that is Robyn whose Body Tale album will be followed by two more albums by the same artist this year. When Robyn gives, she gives big. Kylie's album is already on pre-sale. Title unknown at the moment but that should change soon.

Loving OutQ, Larry Flick, Keith Price and the Sirius Network. Its a real asset to the community and pop world as a whole. Now, if only we can get Larry to start broadcasting here in the UK, London and eventually at Bush House. In a time when the Beeb is closing down radio stations that play music...shows like The Morning Jolt are a must. Global broadcasting por favour.

The Breakfast Club. I practically live here. Today they played Ace of Base's Life Is A Flower, Elouise's Another Day followed by Bananarama's Love In The First Degree. The Breakfast Club is the only restaurant in the world that has a piano that has the 12" album of Kylie's 1989 classic album Enjoy Yourself posited proudly on its top. The food is amazing too. They've got a burger called the John Farnham. Seriously.

Wow. I never thought I'd like this but now I am a bit jealous that the French have had the aforethought to release Sometimes I Forget from Agnes' Dance Love Pop. I even love the French lyric. The video is proper boss too. I love the drama of the showgirl and when she takes to the stage. I'm such a sucker for that kinda stuff. The video so Dreamgirls/Gypy Rose Lee. But alas, its right up my alley way. Indeed, it would make the perfect Elouise video. On paper, releasing this sounded idiotic but I think it will work in France. I also love the re-worked instrumentalisation on the single edit making the French album another edition I'll have to track down on its eventual release. I think Agnes has now topped Robyn with the number of different international versions of the same album.

The world is probably abuzz with Eurovision stuff at the moment. Well, Greece could have won at Eurovision if they'd only sent the song above. Its now doing rather well here in the UK. The track, by the delightful Katerine, was disqualified because a remix leaked. Stupid. But I think its elimination has secured what it looks like to be major mainstream success. It might be ever so likely that Katerine will have more success in the UK than our winning entry That Sounds Good Time. I wont dwell on that particular travesty of "pop music" by Pete Waterman. Katerine's track is brilliant.

Gabriella Cilmi and Marina and those beautiful diamonds of hers. Love them! They've released albums that are bloody brilliant and soaked with character. I bought the new one by Ellie Goulding. Don't get it. Her voice is a bit boring. The music doesnt totally stand out either. Marina and Cilmi scream personality through their songwriting and singing. They've given us proper strong albums this year. As for Goulding...meh. My mum described it perfectly: that "Its lifeless. Like a boring cup of tea." I'll give it a few more spins though. I think I was tired when I played the album. So not in the right frame of mind.

The Importance of Being Earnest. Its Oscar Wilde, bitch. Love a good read. And then there's "handbag" line. His last play.

The new O'Spada album. Its amazing. Coming out Summer time. Tinged with spunky funky baselines you realize the soul of Jellybean era-Madonna is still going on strong. I love. Dearly.

A song recently cut by The Sirens. A girlband from Newcastle. They've been doing their thing for ages. And they've always had the support of DSTP. But their music hasn't quite clicked. The charts kinda reflected that. It seemed a bit too forced and the music was a bit out of step with what was happening within their chosen world of rnb-pop. However. I. Love. The. Demo. Which is exactly like their version they've recorded (which admitedely I've not heard but I've been told the demo version that I adore is identical to the one that the Sirens have recorded). I love it. It sounds like the Sugababes at their best and Ke$ha. The Sirens have arrived.

Love love love the new Alien prequel. Got a friend at Fox. Still in the writing phase but from what I've read its going to be very unexpected. Fox have decided to be bold with this film. You can thank the bulging profits of Camerons Avatar that. Thankfully! So...Ridley Scott (who is at the directors chair) is allowed to keep his script intact.


Paul said...

Yes to Kylie, yes to Larry and yes to the Breakfast Club. I must try it when in London on Saturday. whereabouts is it?!

RV said...

beware on Agnes' french releases...
There's alredy been two and none has the english/french version of Sometimes I forget on it.
I guess we'll get it as a download only version for the single's release and... maybe on a third edition release of the album in France (but I doubt it)