Dontstopthepops suggestions for this years Eurovision (FRIDAY UPDATE) Sam Taylor WILL be doing Your Country Needs You

I think Sam Taylor would be a great choice to represent us this year. There's a certain warmth in his vocal delivery and glint in his eye that will certainly travel well throughout the Europe. He conveys a wonderful sense of seriousness and experience that ensures he could handle the immense pressure that representing the UK requires. Much has been made of this country's inability to take the competition seriously...& Jade last year kinda illustrated that point though we did try. Bringing in Sam Taylor into the fold would show we mean business. Whether Sam Taylor wants to do it...well thats a totally different matter altogether.

Beyond Sam Taylor, I was thinking a boyband of sorts might be a good suggestion to represent us. Boybands are in at the moment and I think its time they won at the competition. Is it time for Phixx and Avenue to reform? Methinks it is.

An iconic diva? Yes, I'd go with an iconic diva who can hold her space like Jade but must be able to have a bit more life in the performance. Lets face it: the best thing about Jade's performance was the elbow of the fake violinist. Why not have Elaine Page do it? Random. For sure. But why not.

There's always the slightly sly approach of getting an act who is huge abroad in another European territory. For example, an act like Alcazar. Perhaps ask the Army Of Lovers to reform? They're huge throughout Europe and massive within the critical central European countries.


When I wrote last nights post I had no idea Sam Taylor was already part of Your Country Needs You. BBC have just confirmed the line-up here. Sam enters the competition as part of Uni5. The six finalists of Eurovision 2010 are Alexis Gerred, Esma Akkilic, Josh Dubovie, Karen Harding, Miss Fitz (Marina Berry, Gemma Sampson & Maiken Kroken) and the group Uni5 (Sam, Daniella, Dani, Amy & Lee) that was created especially for the British national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010. Karen Harding has appeared on DSTP so its great to see the vocalist take part in the competition. Personally I woulda loved to see Sam as a stand alone act but he'll be brilliant as Uni5. Good luck all! Its gonna be a brilliant night!


Adrian said...

The very first time I saw Sam perform, I thought he'd be perfect for Eurovision. I'm glad he's in now, intrigued to see what this group will be like (surely not the new Steps or Libery X?)

Incidentally, I think Alcazar offered themselves to BBC once but were turned away.

Anonymous said...

I see a few of you are just post wanking over Sam when you should be telling him NO DON'T DO IT. This has totally ruined any chance for him to be a proper star.

Adrian said...

I think that's a fair point, if crudely put. It didn't ruin Jade's chances, but I think the question has to be asked about Sam's chances before this... he didn't seem to be going places, and I didn't see him as a Gareth Gates figure so maybe this is the springboard he needs.