The song "We Belong Together" is a slice of sunshine. Its a simple lovesong but its absolutely adorable. Jamin hails from the U.S and is unsigned. Unsigned!! Shocked I iz. Shocked! The boy is not only pure eye candy but I simply want to wrap myself around his beats and use his mp3s as earings. Manly earings of course. The sweetness of his rather amazing pop music trickles like the bestest honey you ever did have on the most tastiest of muffins. Yes, its early days yet but the goods he provides are incredibly promising. He dabbles in vocoders, high on rnb and panders in and around acoustic pop. In my field of studies we'd call Jamin "multi-disciplinary". He bounces in-between the genres with beautiful subtlety. Just when you think he's veering too close to rnb he then provides the synth-tastic Heart Attack which is a beautiful instance of manly pop music. I can't wait to hear an entire album from this man. Yes, there are strings in there. This man is certainly one to watch. I like. I like very much. Myspace


Paul said...

I want to use his mp3s as earrings... you absolutely must say that on Larry Flick on thurs!! Brilliant. Yes, i am very pleased with jamin. sounds marv.

Mike said...

Doll, did you mix up your pills before writing this post? Not overly impressed by "We Belong Together" but he can sit on my face any time.