Today we have something absolutely amazing for fans of Play and their unique brand of powerbubblepop. I say absolutely amazing....well, its a different kind of prize thats up for grabs today. How "amazing" it is, well thats up to you to decide. Its a one off thats for sure. Dontstopthepop reviewed their album earlier this year and it received glowing reviews. My only 'bite' were the title track & a song called Trash. I wasn't being oversensitive. I listen to them now, months on, gritting my teeth. Putting those two tracks aside, "Under My Skin" has its aims to replicate albums by the likes of Black Eye Peas and Kei$ha. Does it succeed? Pretty much so.

With the likes of Desmond Child, Andreas Carlsson and Anders Bagge at the helm the intentions were to update the sound of Play, take them out of that niche of yesterday-year girlpop and into 2010. The addition of Sanne makes this essentially happen. Her vocals shine-out and are the headline feature about this release. No question or doubt. Its all about Sanne's amazing voice. A second bite would be that bar the ballad When Love Is Bleaching Bad the girls themselves don't have any songwriting credits. Now, maybe thats down to the fast turn-around time on "Under My Skin" (it was put together as part of a TV show in Sweden that's a tad similar to American Idol). But, the ballad is one of the strongest songs on the album perhaps hinting at the strenghts that lie in the girls songwriting abilities. Next time perhaps let them take the reigns. The strongest song on the album is actually by a bunch of girls. From another "girlband". That being the Nervo girls (& their submission Second Hand Love). This has to be the catchiest the songs on the album. Those Nervo girls are on fire it would seem. Not only does their song havw the audacity to upstage songs written by songwriting legends Andreas Carlsson, Desmond Child, Anders Bagge, Johan Krunlund and Hanne Sorvaag but it also happens to be the one song that has the capacity to a huge hit for Play. Nervo are quite literally everywhere at the moment! They are also on the album of year: Kylie's Aphrodite. Second Hand Love is a really good hint as to the awesomeness that awaits our ears on the new Kylie album (in particular the Nervo track "Put Your Hands Up"). It would be mad for the record company not to release Second Hand Love. It.Is.Amazing! Perfect for a poppy party night out with the mates. Go Nervo! The young turks!

So there you go! The competition! What does it include? Up for is.................the Play album. SIGNED! BUT ALSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....
something you will ONLY get if you win this competition. PLAY POST-IT NOTES! SIGNED BY THE BAND THEMSELVES! YES! WOO! You.Will.Not.Get.These.In.Stores! Ever. You will win a SIGNED Play album and very unique SIGNED Play post-it notes which is a slice of pop "merchandise" that is totally for the fans. Its a one-off and you'll get em no where else! Only here on DSTP.

So how to win? Awnswer the following questions!

As a solo artist name the song Faye did with Adam Appel?
Name Rosanna's night in Stockholm?
Name Sanne's album she did with Ghost?
Which German singer covered Janet's Heartache on The Dancefloor?
Name Anais sisters debut album?

Awnswer them here:


Anonymous said...

What exactly means "Name Rosanna's night in Stockholm?". Sorry but I can't understand that question. It has no sense to me. Thanks in advance.

Tera said...

man, I wish I knew the answers. I also wished the U.S. had Play's albums!! I miss you guys! Makes me want to go to Sweden just to get the album :)

Anonymous said...

When will the winner be announced?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the person above me. I'm not trying to bug you, but would you please announce the winner? You usually have the winner posted a few days after you post the contest. I'm not trying to be rude, but what's taking so long?

Robpop said...

Winner has been informed.
Thanks all for taking part. There was a massive interest from the USA in this competition so perhaps they should try and release something stateside.