Sophia is a Swedish popstar. Oh no! Not another! She's bon though. Puts the bon in bonkers actually. Her album Laptop Diaries was all done on her computer. All by herself. No externalism. Just her. She did it all herself. This. I. Respect. Her philosophy is deconstruction. Her lyrics refrain from conservativism. Her intentions? To create music that bends and breaks the norm. As such the first album became the album to own in 2007. For sure, she didnt appear on Pitchfork but she didnt seem to chase that tail. She just kept to her own thing. She kept on mining the goldmine that is her natural brutal yet organic examination of the world as she sees it. She often gets compared to Robyn. Neat but unfair. I would actually suggest shes more Grace Jones that Robyn. And for ardent follows of nu-synthpop, lovers of the Canadian Lights will find refuge in the music provided by Sophia. But as she says on her last album "girls like me don't grow on trees". Indeed, Sophia is often harder than her fellow explorers of synthpop (I'm thinking here of Lights, Little Boots, Kei$ha, Robyn). Indeed, she takes the sinister route. She is the soundtrack to the dark side of pop. I love this.

Her new album is again a twist of what she established on her previous release. This time she's mish-mashed a sound that one might describe as Chi-Tekpop. Its weird. You will not hear anything like it out there. Its absolutely refreshing to see the likes of Sophia breaking out from that mold and examine occidental pop with oriental twangs. I like. The fact she does everything herself is an added bonus.


Paul said...

It was a bit jarring at first, but i'm persevering based on your review :)

Robpop said...

Aye.........I think you'd prefer her album. This is just an introductory track. Turn heads kind of thing.

It was song of the week yesterday on PJ :-)

TerPsyChore said...

Strange, for me it was an instant hook and it has grown ever since, though no one else I know seems that impressed with Sophia's tremendous talent. It's really been a magical encounter for me.

By the way, there is a small track on her youtube account called "My Loss" that I find quite interesting.

Anyway, thanks again.

Anonymous said...