Le Kid-quite literally.

While we await the arrival Le Kid for real, they've put out this rather fantastic literal version of their song Mercy Mercy. Le Kid have been on the verge of greatness for sometime. Bloody ages! But, I am totally prepared to wait if they spend their time gearing up for the big push if they allow us these rather glorious trinkets of pop juice. Ultimately all acts should something like this!

This is quite frankly a first in pop. A pop act has deconstructed their very own song before its essentially become a hit. But already to lovers of pop, Le Kid are iconic already. Partly because of the tiny little delay in their prime launch but mainly because the music is ever so good. The album has gone under a slight change and a botox here and there is probably the reason for the critical delay. Indeed, one can argue that launching a pop act these days is somewhat like going into labour. The first single was like the waters breaking. Nothing too big, large or dramatic. Then the follow-ups are like contractions. Then there's major push (with the assistance of an epidural) in the form of a critical showcase somewhere in London or New York for example. This follows a major single, perhaps another EP and eventually we have the album. And a Le Kid is born.

It takes its time to come into the world. But all pop acts follow the same kind of "birth" these days. Yes, I just compared a bands first single to waters breaking. I am sure there is a rule against that somewhere. O well.

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