I rarely blog on weekends. But I couldnt hold back on this Robert. He made me do this! Damn him! He hails from Sweden (major win). He works with my beloved Jennie Abrahamson (major win II). He's giving away brilliant music for free (major win III) and the brilliant slice of music is absolutely up there on that extra level of fabulousness (major win VI).

At the moment there are Hurts, Kylie and this boy in my most played "part" on my ipod. Robert Svensson sounds a bit like Hurts mashed-up with Kylie. If such a thing was possible. His "Beat" EP is now available for FREE download at his website. It is quite amazing. Mainly coz free music never tasted so good. Once your done the epic track Beat, check out Unpredictable which is about being in a dirty bathroom in Gothenburg. It sounds like the best ever house anthems that never quite got a release thru Deconstruction Records back in the day. Now, its out and its emerged as my sound of the summer. If you like Calvin Harris, Kylie, Fabio Lendrum, Robyn, and the Scissor Sisters you might just love Robert Svensson. I can't stop playing the songs 1991, Broadway and the tracks on his Beat EP. His album Young Punks Are Never-Never is also well-worth the krona! Very amazing. Thank you Robert.

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Paul said...

i was cutting down on new obsessions now Eric Saade has taken over my life, but I'll make an exception here :)