My gosh! How long as it been since I've done one of these? This is basically a reprise of the glorious pop blogs out there at the moment. They make me wet my lips, they write excellent reviews and they come from around the globe. What is more they introduce brand new music that you'd never 'ave 'eard before arriving on their websites. They're proper gems in my bookmarks page browser. Whatismore, ya never get re-prints of press releases on these blogs. They write from the heart.


I can't stop reading this website. Going through the archives one finds trinkets from pop I've totally missed out on. AlienHits is the hottest blogs out there. Nick's blog currently features Robert Svensson which makes me adore AlienHits even more than I already do. AlienHits was the first place I heard of the band Hurts. Look how they're soaring into the cosmic popdust that is chart territory. Well done boys. Thank you AlienHits.

My Fizzy Pop

In her newbie, Kylie currently sings "Feel, can't you see there's so much here to feel". This is how think of MyFizzyPop. Paul of My Fizzy Pop writes pop like the pop music courses through his veins. His writing is lush with experience, laughter and a life that excels in always being that extra level of fabulousness. He is also a rather nice chap too. It shines through on his web page. There is no attitude here. You feel like Paul really should be published and in the top 5 best seller list at Waterstones.


I can't stress how important this blog has become. Karl, who runs the site, ensures the ship that is Scandipop cruises the Baltic sea of pop with such finesse that the Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic and Finnish should unite in some Nordic grand council to reward him with some medal for his contributions to their music industries. Its ridiculous! The interviews he does are lengthy and long. They ask the pivotal questions that fans of pop want to know. Why didn't the record company release the right single? Why didn't they try to conquer the UK? Those kind of questions for the pop geek. A great site.


Quite literally amazing. It has its big blowout forums and yummy interviews. Also the "songs of the day" are vital vanilla shots of sunshine that I've consumed daily to keep myself from going crazy when reading the budget cuts made by those scumbag Tories in the morning. I too share the theory that Ferne Cotton is a walking bell-end. The spirit of Smash Hits is kept alive by this place. Popjustice, thank you. Thank you.


Such is the greatness of Popjustice is that its spawned many similar site, blog, forum and so etc. I discovered CharleySaysPop through the Popjustice forums (another reason why Popjustice equals brilliance again). CharleySaysPop is a great site. Based around the Benelux region its good to remember this area gave us 2Unlimited, Vengaboys and Kate Ryan. For this reason alone, it is a key area that finally has its own dedicated database in the form of CharleySaysPop. Charley survey's BeNeLuxPop with brilliant scrutiny. Though word of caution not all acts are exclusively from this region and nor do they celebrate older music. Charley always introduces new music whatever the origins of their passport. Making this site compulsive and addictive. You can be on it for hours if you're not too careful.


Oooh, this boy adorable. I don't think you'd find another blog post about the Kylie video that wonders about cockroaches. Its an understandable anxiety. One landed on me while I was in dusty restaurant in Seville. Scary. Anyway! ChartRigger is one of the oldest blog sites I know. I can blame him in many ways for starting Dontstopthepop. If they ever brought back Top of the Pops they should have Robbie (of ChartRigger) as host. None of that Toby Antis malarkey please.


The return. Her initial postings on her return have been about Kylie, Robyn, Eric Hassle and wonderful acts I've never heard of before. Thus making the latest PopPosterGirl blog update just as wonderful it should be. The universe is thus aligned gloriously. The stars shine bright once again.

Feel The Spin/The Morning Jolt

Larry Flick is a radio dj in the States. His show makes you seriously wonder why we put up with the shit that twats like Ferne Cotton broadcast on our domestic stations. His Morning Jolt/Feel The Spin playlists posted to his blog expose just how brilliant his shows are and how we've seriously been shortchanged when it comes to radio shows here in the UK. Get this man to UK radio waves already. BBC Radio 2 NOW! Ok, if you can't access his radio show you can always take a peek at these blogs and track down the songs he plays. Well worth it.


Mike's PoptrashAddicts is becoming so damn classy I think it should be rechristened to PopAddicts. There's just not much trash anymore. The pop that features on the site is rather fantastic. Not trashy at all. Apparently though, rumour has it the boy is eying up flights back to Spain. Now, Spain loves its trashypop acts so trash might see a forceful return on the pop blog the moment he lands on the Iberian peninsula. However for now, Mike's PopAddicts site is source of wonderful reviews and great features on new pop. His daily pop panels are critical viewing (especially for new pop!).


Mike said...

Cheers, sweetheart. I think I will have to up the trash ante though. Maybe it's time for my long delayed Eurotrash week... !

Paul said...

Oh aren't you all sorts of adorable :)

Anonymous said...

what about ??

Nick said...

Aw, thanks! You totally made my day :)

If it means anything, Don't Stop The Pop has been firmly cemented in my favorites menu for years now!