LOS AMORES by Kylie (me gusto mucho!)

Es todo lo que quiero, por qué no bailas?
Estoy aquí contigo, muévete
Me meteré en tu ritmo
Yo soy fuego, fuego, fuego, fuego

Si! Its arrived. Picked up a copy at Fopp. If your Spanish you'll love the Spanish version of All The Lovers. Heck, I'm not Spanish and I do. I was out this morning getting my bread, milk, paper and fruit juice and I was doing my best to sing-a-long. Given my poor linguistic skills, I can understand the strange looks I received. Or, perhaps it was from Portuguese football fans who Spain play tonight at the World Cup. Jealous maybe that there wasn't a Portuguese version of All The Lovers. Ha!

If your in Madrid in the next couple days you'll be in for a Kylie treat or two. Not only she is performing at Madrid Gay Pride doing a big ole fab performance on the main stage at Plaza De Espana but all this week there are rehearsals for a big Kylie Flashmob. To my knowledge there hasn't been a Kylie one yet. We've seen GaGa, MJ and Sound Of Music Flashmobs...but no one has stepped up to plate and given us a Kylie one. Well, after an interview with ShanGay with Kylie where the singer asked why not, kids have already begun organizing their take on All The Lovers for Thursday. Expect lots of flesh as this flashmob will be about flashing rather than mobbing. Which is nice. Every one! Have a happy pride, flashing and remember All the Lovers is out now!

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