Christine Milton Leave You Now

She's back

Her name is Christine Milton. She is Danish and the original singer of the international hit Superstar. Some might know of the song. Jamelia made a hit of it in the UK when she became the second singer to cover it (after Israeli singer Roni covered the song in Hebrew). Personally, I've preferred the original and supported Christine whenever I could. It wasn't a similar case of Beverley Knight covering Robyn's epic Keep This Fire Burning. Jamelia's cover blocked Christine taking her song to Europe and making it a hit under her steam. After a series of follow-up's that were big in Denmark, a Danish dance track Christine is seriously back. She means business. This is just the dabble in the pop pond. A new single is planned for Summer to follow the brilliantly cool Leave You Now. The song is a slice of pop ubercoolness of the type Madonna used to exude. Leave You Now is everything I want in a pop record. Bolshy throbbing baselines, addictive chorus and epic middle eight. Christine is greatly influenced by the Scissor Sisters and Horse Meat Disco. I can also hear some of Kylie's 1994 work merged with Madonna's better work on Bedtime Stories.

It must have been interesting to watch her song being covered all around the world. From Tel Aviv, Birmingham and then by the winner of America's Got Talent its surely been around the globe. When I interviewed Christine last year she was more than proud of her connection and history to the epic song. Its great to see Christine return with a song as strong as Leave You Now as its a thousand times better than her debut single. It effortlessly drips with the kind of cool dance I remember being released by the legendary Deconstruction Records but has a core of delicious pop of 2010 at its center. Its minimal, lush and soothing. Its not immediate but a wonderfully seductive dance chooon. Yes, love it to pieces. Official myspace


Poster Girl said...

This is fantastic news! Long live Christina!

To me it sounds inspired by Medina's "Kun For Mig" (which is obviously newish and therefore itself inspired by a bunch of earlier things, I know). I hope it does well for her and we get to hear that next single and an album.

Paul said...

It's quite good. I think she's done better before but I think this is still an amazing slice of pop :)