Kylie's Blossom Dearie album

So, with Kylie in full promo mode regarding the 11th studio album she's already started thinking about another project: the Blossom Dearie album. We've heard petal-like whispers from these sessions already under the auspices of William Baker's film with Kylie White Diamond. I've always been a fan of Blossom. As a teenager, I'd come home from school and chill back with a glass of chilled ribena and play something from her live album recorded at the legendary Ronnie Scotts club in London. Blossom was both a firebrand and trailblazer. She was one of the first female artists to break away from the major record companies and set up her own very label before it was the ever fashionable thing to do so. It wasn't a vanity label either. It was a proper record company putting out great all time classic productions. I never did get out to see her perform live but I have her music wherever I go on my music player so I never complain. And how could you? With her beautiful voice, one always felt the stresses of the day melt away.

With Kylie creating this special Blossom Dearie album, I'm zippy with anticipation. How will she tackle I'm Hip? Especially the Bobby Darin line? Will she update it or keep it? Its the little things that entertain me. Bette Midler bulldozed that track when she covered the Dearie song. Kylie's voice just simply suits a track like I'm Hip. Its simply kinda in the stars. I seriously can't wait to hear the results. If you haven't Blossom Dearie's highly educational Figure Eight you haven't lived. Its pure magic. As is its confluent video (above).

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