The Scarlettes have arrived. Thank you pop world. The music they're producing is more Kylie mixed in with Hurts and Robyn. If you think they're after the crowns worn by the likes of Girls Aloud or The Sugababes that'd be a mistake. They're a very different kind of breed of girlgroup. A genre they're hedging towards is Bluelectricpop. References and inspirations are Blade Runner, Human League, Giorgio Moroder, Gary Numan, Grace Jones and Bronski Beat. Quite a list. However these acts have emerged as core influences for many new artists. Sometimes more miss than hit. Indeed, waltz down Shoreditch High Street these days and every other music act seems to be putting on their best Donna Summer strut. Often or not it appears to be a bit cold. Its often or not its far too serious or edges towards pretentious. Where is the fierce attitude? Where is the turbo pop songs that makes you want dance ferociously at the bus stop.

Well, Scarlettes have gone and created something of a monster sound. The album sounds like they've emerged as the songbirds of a neon disco darkroom where wonderfully sticky sexual meetings are undertaken by yummy bodies underscored with a dirty baselines & lashings of lube (hear Hearts Fall Out for instance). The Scarlettes are amazing. Yes, if you like the new Scissor Sister album you will love Scarlettes. They've enrolled the likes of Nerina Pallot & Andy Chatterley (responsible for 'Aphrodite' & 'Better Than Today' on the new Kylie Album,), Mathias Wollo & Busbee, Anders Kallmark (Ou Est Le Swimming Pool), Joey Negro, and Marcus J Knight (Ali Love) for their new album. Very exciting & rather amazing. Thank you Scarlettes. Thank you for arriving.

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