"Remember that Cassette you bought me in Hong Kong"

This is taken from a new release. Its called Chinese Techno and the EP is brilliant.

With the latest release of Sophia's latest she's refused to return with more of the same and instead constructed a whole different world of pop all to herself. And by herself. She reminds me of Robyn a bit. I suppose I make the comparison to Robyn because when I heard that first, second, third and fourth album I was bulldozed at its creativity and sheer bravado at demanding to be original. I get that same sense in everything Sophia does. It declares. No restraint. It is hardcore. It has all that fresh attitude that made Robyn's first 4 albums such brilliant pop albums.

Sophia does all the production, writing and vocals. The product she provides is all her. No outside influence. The current EP Chinese Techno is like you'd heard ever before put to music. It is the very sharp precipice that is cutting edge music. She bashes it all together and formulates a violent hybrid of synths, chinese traditional folk music and glorious pop we've long loved from Sweden. It is odd. Fans of K-Pop and J-Pop will adore it.

1. Chinese Techno

The Title track and the lead single from her new album out later in the year. This sounds like berserk version of Konichiwa Bitches only without the rap and perhaps a tad more singing. This declares Sophia has her eyes set on creating something she has never done before. The journey might come with pitfalls. Doing something new is always is going to be dangerous. But what a ride!

2. You Can Call Me So So

Starts off with traditional Chinese singing. Then emerges into some chilling disco chant. That is amazing. This is just some kind of instrumental interlude at the moment. But it promises to be enlarged into a greater track later down line. This is thrilling.

3. Swinese Democracy

Very odd. Needs to be heard to be understood. Sophia broadcasts "we're going to china" over swirling Electrobeat. I have my passport. Its all too exciting.

4. The Trip

I can't quite put into words how much I love this. Again, its weird. Nothing new there. The story is about change and going on a journey into tomorrow. That's the secondary level though. On the first is something about being scared of flying and going to Hong Kong with her dad. I think. All overlooped with addictive LaLaLas. This is a very good song. I mean, who could not love a song with a middle 8 with the lyrics "Remember that Cassette you bought me in Hong Kong?".

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