Pop Pop Pop round-up!

Love love love this video of The FireMan Of My Dreams by Elouise. Really, something like this shoulda been done on its release in March but better late than never (my bad!). However, there are plans afoot to put the entire Stardust EP onto Itunes /Amazon (finally). Included, for the first time, The Fireman of My Dreams, which was previously only available via the physical cd. Elouise is also planning to release her second installment to the Stardust set of releases, Stardust Melodies, in November. Don't take my word for it, read her interview with Paul of MyFizzyPop. All of course produced by Steve Anderson....which neatly links to...

I cannot stress how fucking amazing Kylie's Live Lounge session was earlier this evening. Yes, bloody amazing. I love it when Kylie sings in that particular register. I also love it when Cliff Masterson plucks his strings. Quite stunning. I think this has to be the direction that Kylie explores on album number 12. I realize album no.11 is still doing well. Indeed, the sales of Get Out Of My Way look like its going to enter hot on downloads alone. But, as she covered Hurts Wonderful Life a little thought gently eased into my head. The performance really took me back to Impossible Princess. I loved it. Well done everyone involved. Bubbles all round!

This is Dyno. Are my new Favourite Swedish band. Big statement I know. But I really can't get enough. They've just revealed more music via their facebook. I am currently struggling to understand why this band arnt huge. Maybe it just isn't their time. Right. Now. Their particular lucky star is simply busy getting its hair did. Is all. I am sure they will explode throughout the galaxy of stars, popdust and disco dreams eventually. I know for I have foreseen it. Seriously though, really do check them out. They're brilliant.

Talking of brilliant: Chris Sorbello. I love the video artwork that this pop princess is currently spinning out for us pop whores. Dangerzone sounds like it could be something from the Clea album Identity Crisis at its most electronic moments (Believe me, this is a major compliment in my books for I've always believed that that Clea album was way before its time). Please show your love! This girl totally deserves it. Cannot wait for the album! She needs to do some UK dates here. And not the kind of shows that Raen apparently did a few years ago (wherever did they go?).

This isn't news. But how fucking epic is the track Remember Walkin' In The Sand!!! Fucking epic methinks. Its drenched with melodrama. You can totally feel the emotion of the lyrics. Its only 2 minutes or so. Can you believe that? And yet, the short sweet song manages to jam-pack it all with story, narrative and polemic. All in one way-over-the-top-yet-heart-break-central theme-song. Amazing.


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Paul said...

Love the Elouise video and so pleased it's all now on iTunes :) Hopefully the second EP is a-coming soon. My blogging fingers are itching to write about it!