ALIVE! (super pop group from Spain)

There aren't enough words in the English dictionary to express how much I love this Spanish band. Since discovering Alive in my local Madrid record store, I've been hooked by their turbo-like glorious pop sensibilities. It refuses to be overwrought or pretentious. The album is an instant smile inducer. I can't actually understand a word of Spanish but that doesn't really matter. They have the ability to write material that transcends the painful issue of my shameful inability to stick to learning Spanish at secondary school.

I think this is a mark of major pop tunage. The new(ish) single En El Infierno Estoy Mucho Mejor (I feel much better in hell) is all kinds of delirious superbubblegum pop of the kind that I rarely come across these days. It tastes of summer, sunshine and good times.

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Mike said...

These songs are so cute. I love them both!