Robyn (is) Indestructible.

I love this version of Robyn's Indestructible. I understand why some have said its not immediate/good as her other singles from Body Talk but to me its rave-houseish roots make it even more adorable than what has gone before. It takes me right back to Kylie's Do You Dare. Indeed, when she sings 'put your hand on my heart' I almost feel like Robyn's segueing into the second chorus of Kylie's Hand On Your Heart. For sure, this is not the type of pop we're used to hearing from Robyn these days. One might even argue its approaching ground covered by the likes September and Infernal some years ago. This unexpected turn makes me love it even more. Its utterly poptastic. This mix is more Eurovision than ever. It is quite clearly donk-a-licious.


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ChicoTóxico said...

Mentioning Robyn, Kylie, Infernal & September at the same post makes me get... excited!!!
Love the single!!