And so dstp starts its countdown of my songs of the year: It's Not About The Tits by Polly Rae

As I prepare myself for 2011's embrace, Dontstopthepop kicks off its countdown of its songs of 2010. Not all of them are singles and hits. They did however warm the cockles of my heart & cheer me up throughout sunrise year of Aquarius. I've probably missed one or two brilliant big bellend pop anthems but that's life and they'll end up on some "Now that's what I Call Music 6969696" anyway so fuck it, this is my opportunity to raise a glass to the songs that sparkled deep in my aural passages & gave me repeated episodes of pop pleasure...

Where better to start with a hilarious song by Polly Rae which incidentally came to be at the start of 2010 in the debauched show that was the Hurly Burly show. It's sadly not online (yet) but snippets of the song can be traced and evidenced in Polly Rae's showreel embedded for the perverse pleasure above. Sizzling.


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