As part its 2011 top tips series, DSTP featured a heady collection of artists (see here) and I thought it might be nice to have a little chinwag with some of them. Who better start off proceedings than the delightful and delicious popstar DeeDee LovsMe who has just released her The Lowdown EP via Itunes. Working with the masters of pop Ian Masterson and Terry Ronald, her music has the power of all three Powerpuff Girls combined and yet contains the tenderness of a gentle of the first snowflake fallen as winter announces itself, DeeDee is definitely a pop tip for 2011...


Hello Deedee, How are you dear?

Hi Bobbypop! I'm currently in bed wearing my polka dot pjs and trying with all my might to get rid of an epic cold. On a good note, my entire street is covered in snow, so I'm spying/ secretly laughing at people having snow fights and falling flat on their faces.

I do this too. I have a little evil streak in me. I occasionally youtube clips of people slipping and sliding on ice. It makes me laugh so much i scare the neighbours. I am easily pleased i think. So sorry to hear about the cold! Maybe watching others slip and slide might ease up those symptoms?

Yes, a sneeze, followed by a naughty giggle and then a cough is far better than just a sneeze and a cough. By the way, I feel sorry for your neighbours.

Me too. This winter snow is a bit festive. Have you made your randy Snowman yet?

I haven't physically made a snowman yet but I've created one in my imagination. His name is Randy Andy and his randiness is disturbing all the snowomen. I've told him to stop being so naughty but he can't control himself. He's like J-Lo and LL Cool J; I think Randy Andy actually inspired that song.

Your version of Winter Wonderland was rather fun (GET IT FREE HERE). What made you decide that song over many others you could of selected?

Well, any song that mentions Eskimos gets my vote. I secretly wish I was one.

If you were to release a Christmas EP, would you name it “Christmas Balls”? (Please do, btw…dontstopthepop wishes it so!).

I've already written a song called "Balls", so if Father Christmas isn't offended, why not?

Deedee what will you be wanting under the Christmas tree this year?

I'd like to unwrap Harry from Mcfly. Did you see him on Strictly Come Dancing? One word: hot.

I did not. Youtubing. I can confirm. Yes, hot. Which MyFly song would cover then?

I would do "Sorry's not good enough" because it's so catchy. Sometimes when people say, "sorry" without really meaning it, i feel like screaming the chorus in their disingenuous faces! Really. I've thought about that a couple of times in my head but obviously never gone through with it. Oh, that reminds me, "Obviously" is pretty good too. But singing about a girl who's out of my league might give off the wrong impression that I'm a lesbian. But, hey if it worked for Katy Perry and Tatu...

Before you came along, my favourite DeeDee was Dexter’s (from Dexter’s lab) wonderful sister! If you could be any cartoon character what would it be? Mine would have to be Catra from She-Ra: princess of power.

This is a really tough question. On any normal occasion I'd say Betty Boop because she's edgy; her overt sexuality was groundbreaking for a cartoon character. And plus she's super stylish with her hoop earrings and haircut. But because this cold has made me quite vulnerable, I'd have to say my green sleepy Care Bear. Care Bears are awesome because they have super power abilities just through rubbing their chubby tummies, which I've always thought is adorable. My sleepy Care Bear has the ability to bring night time and make everyone go to sleep... I kind of want sleep now... Jokes!

If the colour of Tuesday is purple, what would be your Friday be colour-wise and why?

Friday would be neon pink. Neon pink is great in small doses - it puts you in a let's get out our neon glow sticks and party mood! But if everyday was a Friday/ neon pink it would get boring and give me a 24/7 headache. Can't have too much of a good thing.

If pop music was a number what would it be?

Pop music is number 1 as it reigns supreme over all the other genres. I want a number 1, btw.

Lets make that happen! If you went to number one what would the first thing you do? Do the Macarena or the Bartman!?

I would so do the Macarena! And coerce everyone in the room to do it with me. They'll probably hate me for getting a number 1.

You’ve just released your EP on Itunes! (GET IT HERE). Whats it like to have your work out there and downloaded by the masses?

It feels AMaZing! I know this sounds like a cheesy cliche but I get really proud when my babies (songs) are being received well. I'm like a proud mum!

The reaction has been rather tastic! My mum loves Balls. Its become a bit of an anthem for mi madre! Whats your mums favourite track on the Lowdown EP?

Funnily enough, your mum isn't the only mum who likes "Balls". My mum and someone else's mum likes "Balls" too. I guess we can conclude that mums like balls. They're not as innocent as they seem.

I know it’s a bit Sophie’s choice, but if you were pushed to save one song from the EP which one would it be. For me it’s a tie-in between Been there done that and Balls.

As a proud mum I refuse to choose. I can't have favourites. If I choose one over the other, the rest will hate me and not do their chores.

Will you bringing anything you learnt on your degree to your music? Letting the two worlds collide? One inspire the other….

Although my degree was far from musical, there are definitely aspects of it that have inspired me when I write lyrics for my songs. I've actually written two songs that would never have been written if it wasn't for my degree: "Aphrodite's lovers" and "Catharsis". Ha! I'm such a geek.

I seriously want to hear these songs. I once wrote a pop song called Penelope's Boogie. Which was about Penelope's dreams about being a popstar as she awaited for Odysseus' return. I even did a dance routine. Does Cartharsis come with critical dancefloor choreography?

Ha! That's hilarious! I want to hear Penelope's Boogie. Umm, I haven't thought of the choreography for Catharsis yet but maybe I can steal it off Penelope's boogie?

Yes yes you may! What about DeeDee LovesMe: the musical? Who would play you and why?

Ummm... I'm really thinking hard about this. I literally have my hand on my chin. Ok, it would have to be Natalie Wood because I have a major girl crush on her and after I read her autobiography I fell in love with her. Because I know so much about her, it would only be fair if she knew about me. She's a fantastic actress and would play me quite well.

You were recently featured in DSTP’s top tips of 2011….what was that like?

Being featured on DSTP was the epitome of awesomeness! Am I making you blush?

Oh my yes, thank you! Looking at the other acts alongside you….what were your favs from the bunch?

Sorry to all the other acts, but i would have to say Elouise because she's the only one I've seen live and she has a beautiful voice. My mum was there with me too and concurs.

2011 is about to happen? what’s next for you?

2011... I'm going to be very ambitious and say WORLD DOMINATION!!! Not in a Disney villain kind of way but in pop star with hits under her belt kind of way!


Get the EP here.

Chat to DeeDee here.



Paul said...

great interview. loving that she finds The Judd so fine (Mcfly). he has blossomed into a fine young desireable chap :) Hopefully DeeDee will be massive in 2011. I'm absolutely smitten!

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Nick said...

I love this girl. Any chance of an album soon?

Anonymous said...

I've just heard about this girl and I think she's gonna be huge. Great interview. Do you know when she's going to release her album?