Nick Hagelin

Hailing from the USA, this boy will be absolutely massive. With dashing looks, Nick Hagelin has just unleashed the dancetastic ICU on the internet (here) which I've subsequently fallen head over heels over. Its a simple pop song which are just the ones you've got to keep an eye out as they tend to go global. Hailing from Atlanta, USA Nick caught my attention initially with this sweet as cherry blossom acoustic album Nice To Be Here released last year. Come late 2010, he's signed to a different label and Nick changed the pace of music and gone all dancing king decked out in strobe hotpants. Let's here it for the boy! Must download: ICU


The worlds next Dusty Springfield, Elouise had a busy 2010 with the release of her two Stardust EP's (both available here) and a series of live dates with music arranged and produced by Steve Anderson. However, its 2011 in which see's Elouise working on her debut album. Intent on creating an album that contains huge originals and anthems, next year will see Elouise also release her first single and tour. Her first release of 2010 was Stardust featuring three original recordings while its little sister EP, Stardust Melodies, saw Elouise pay tribute to the iconic melodies such as You'll Never Walk Alone and The Winner Takes It All. Must Download: Another Day

DeeDee Loves Me

She released one of the EP's of the year. Her delivery is tight and her attitude reminds me of Betty Boo (pop royalty!). Writing all the the music herself, DeeDee is an act like no other out there at the moment. Her turbo type pop takes me back to my days "kotching" in the A-level block at secondary school nihilistically described as the post-16 centre. She's got that remarkable ability to spit out witty verse and addictive melodies in a manner that shows up a mirror to the world we all happen to live in. Sociological! Must download: The Lowdown EP

Fabio Lendrum

The music Fabio supplies is damn hot. Drenched in glorious dance synths that make you want dance madly in the shower, 2011 should be Fabio's year. Fabio is ridiculously talented. When removing all the trippy discotastic beats, he decided to expose a beautiful layer to his artistry by loading four incredibly brilliant acoustic versions of songs originally meant for the club floor. The new versions, for me, enshrine his magic ability to prove just how versatile he is as a performer and the quality of his voice. Fabio Lendrum is a true pop pioneer. Must Download: Trouble (Acoustic)

Emilia De Poret

Recently collaborating with Spanish pop queen Marta Sanchez, Emilia De Poret hails from Sweden. She's already huge in Spain but I think it will be in 2011 where she'll push through into other markets. I highly recommend her rnb/dance-infused album Pick Me Up. For Poret, 2011 looks bright. She's upping the ante on the dance side of her sound which makes me incredibly excited for her next album. Must download: Weightless

Set Fire Run

What more can be said about my love for Set Fire Run that I've not already said and confessed. Their endless supply of synth-electro-pop anthems make them certs for bigness come the budding blossoms of 2011. They wiff amazingness. You only have to play a song like Back Where I Belong to lift those winter blues right up and you find yourself pretending to be Slash pretending to be Frida. Set Fire Run manage this shocking ability to provide an unhealthy majority of brilliant pop songs that leads me to conclude they don't know the meaning of an album filler. Must download: Everything

Ultra Girls

The Ultra Girls! They will be absolutelyfuckinghuge next year. The Saturday's will be knocked so far into Friday they'll need a six month rest in St.Ives to recover. What gets me about the Ultra Girls is that they convey the type of energy and girl pop power realized and evidenced when I first saw the Spice Girls for the first time. Huge buffalo boots to fill, right? Totally. But they're up for the challenge. And you've got to be. I mean, if your going to do it, you may as well as aim for the biggest pinnacle there is. As much as I feel Wonderland and their sweet sensibilities I have a sense the British public want a bit of a bite at the moment. Wonderland seem to be the girls in the class who'd do their homework and wait to be told what to do next. Ultra Girls did the homework last week, ripped it up and started a new world order. Must download: Girls Will Be Girls

Christophe Willem

He's big already. He's the French winner if Idol and thus signed to a massive label. So this is cheating. But its the album rumbling in the works that's earned him a top pop tip for 2011 here today. Produced by Steve Anderson, his next release will be swallowed up whole by my ipod. Its going to be very VERY good. Must download: Entre Nous Et Le Sol



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please, not christophe willen -.- (i'm from france and i think he's a turd)

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where can i get trouble the acoustic one...have been looking ever since i heard the original