And so DSTP's little playlist continues. Today, I wanna spend some special time on one of my all time favourite bands Set Fire Run. Originally calling themselves Dyno, the group are criminally and unjustly unnoticed. Destroy, Destroy is just one of their powerful turbo anthems that they've recorded and released to the world this year. It really packs a punch. Every song I've ever heard them perform, record and permit me to listen, scrutiny and disseminate has just increased my passion for the group. Even in their subtle moments, every ounce of their sound is twisted and wrought with spikes of world-domineering anthems that have you demanding love, fraternity and equality. This is their tome. They make you feel empowered. Even if the songs of the lyrics suggest a different story. They write iconic melodies. Its infused in every chorus, middle eight and synth backbeat they do.

Comparisons to The Killers are natural but to me, they've released music that The Killers always potentially hint at but always seem to shy away from. Set Fire Run embrace whatever The Killers are afraid of. To me, the stories of the lyrics and the energy of the melodic anthems they're producing in this early stage make them, for me, Set Fire Run the most exciting and challenging new act to come from Sweden of 2010. Its with the deepest love, I raise a hopeful glass to their 2011. They really deserve it. Really deserve.


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Do you have any downloadable tracks??