Perez Hilton's website has opined rather wonderfully hyperbolically that the song is "everything".Well not everything. I mean, that would be actually impossible. I don't look at books on tax law and suddenly feel Born This Way represents articles on fiduciary claims. Its failure to be all inclusive and universal (as Perez claims) does not distract from the fact it is a FABULOUS POP SONG (capitals required). The new song sizzles you up in greasy bubbles of dirty disco that would put S Club 8 most poptastic moments to shade. Its on a constant and perpetual journey of becoming an explosive dancefloor track. Wonderful. Wonderful. All very nice and dandy.

But on repeated listens I can't help but feel that Perez was indeed onto something in his "everything" remark. The song is everything: Dannii Minogue, PINK, Anastacia, Madonna and Atomic Kitten. I can't help but think of the girlband from Liverpool whenever I hear this song WHICH IS A LOT AS I TEND TO HIT REPEAT every moment GaGa's personal reinterpretation of I Am What I am and Express Yourself wraps up.

Anyone who owns Atomic Kitten's albums will remember how they never relented on shaking their very unique can of frenzy pop with songs like energetic songs like Feels So Good, I Want Your Love, Right Now, Be With You, and Turn Me On. It is this batch of songs that I hear when I listen to Lady GaGa's new one.

Which is a very good thing.


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