Sophia first appeared on DSTP a few years back when I discovered her seminal debut "The Laptop Diaries". She can do no wrong in my books. SHE IS AMAZING. Capitals are very necessary. Last year, she released her brilliant EP Chinese Techno and Wristcutters is the natural extension to the narratives examined within. Those new to Sophia might be interested to know that aside from her solo popstar status she's an incredibly talented songwriter with the rather amazing album cut on the recent release by Robyn Time Machine.

She is ultimate badass. Ever since the early days of her first few initial releases, I knew I was gonna be in it for the long run. Pop runs thick through her veins. It courses back to the listener and pumps into the eardrums until they're totally signed up the Somajo Social Club. Wristcutters, with its ten-outta-ten prose, is Sophia Somajo at her most natural. The moment she breaks into her stride there's absolutely no going back. When Sophia lays out her feast upon the table of pop it is always amazing.

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