Continuing the series of chats with acts featured in DSTP's Top Tips of 2011, we proudly present the Ultra Girls interview on the very day it is confirmed that they will be supporting Kylie Minogue on her new tour. As the snow roared through the country it felt right to interview the girlband just as they are about to embark on a year that will be filled with fountains on 'Les Follies', their album and their very first single...

How are you dears?

UG: We’re good thank you!

What did it feel like to be selected amongst the lucky handful of acts that made DSTP’s tips of 2011? Amazing and Magical?

Lucy: I’ll answer this first! It felt really good to be selected as DSTP’s top tips of 2011. Obviously WE ARE going to live up to those expectations and deliver some really good songs. And, basically, take on the world. So yeah, we really appreciate you putting us out there. And yeah, we’re gonna rise to the challenge!

If pop music was a number what would it be?

Amy: ONE! Always number 1!

Lucy: Sometimes though, Amy likes number 2 hehehe!

Amy: Sometimes 1 and 2 equals 3.

Laura: A good pop song is ALWAYS number 1.

If The Ultra Girls were a soap opera which would it be, who would play who and why?

Lucy: Oh, it would be like the Only way is Essex!

Amy: That’s not a soap opera! It would be like Coronation Street. Lucy would be Bet Lynch! Lauren would be like Maria.

Lucy: Don’t go there.

Lauren: MARIA!?!

Amy: Definitely Corrie ‘cos Eastenders is a bit depressing isn’t it?

Lauren: I got an A in English.

Laura: Erm, actually I think Lauren would be Dev.

Amy: Which one won the award for best soap? Corrie?

Lauren: DEV!!!!???

Amy: We’d always be the soap that’s always the best

Laura: Yeah, cos everything is going alright and then we come along and put a spanner in the works.

Lucy: It would have to be Corrie…

Amy: Cos it's northern!

The winter snow this year was a bit... festive. Did you make your Ultra Snowman yet?

UG: No cos we weren’t here.

Laura: Cos we were in London when it snowed really heavily in Yorkshire and we were in Yorkshire when it snowed really heavily in London.

Amy: And, just ain’t had time cos we’ve been so busy finishing the album, photoshoot... so why don’t we go and make one this afternoon?

Lauren: Yeah, we’ll stop on the motorway.

Ultra Girls…what will you be wanting to unwrap next Christmas?

Lucy: Preferably The Wanted!

UG: hahaha!

Laura: I want to unwrap Dougie from McFly.

Lauren: Amy wants to unwrap Peter Andre!

Amy: Or I’d like to unwrap a big… massive… Range Rover.

Lauren: I’d like to unwrap a pug.

When I interviewed the Saturdays just before they launched we discussed the important issue of what colour Tuesday was. Rochelle and Una thought it was pink. Frankie and Vanessa thought it was green. While Mollie argued that it was, in her words, “Definitely Brown because it's pretty boring, but not quite as boring as a Monday, which is SO grey!”. Do you agree? What colour would be the Ultra Girls' Friday?

Lucy: I don’t agree with ANYTHING they said! Why? Because the day is only as boring as you make it! Why make a day boring!?!?! By giving it a grey colour? If you give every day a bright colour, every day is bright! Make your life bright! You only get one!

Lauren: You get seven actually.

Lucy: No you get one life….

Amy: Every day in the Ultra Girls' week is bright. But certainly blue on Fridays.

Lucy: It's the start of the weekend

Lauren & Laura: Yes!

Seriously though, how was this year for you girls?

Laura: Amazeballs!

Amy: Really good.

Lucy: I can’t believe what’s happened this year. Under this new management and getting the team fully together. It feels like its been forever cos we’ve known everyone for ages and we all get on really well. We’ve learnt and done sooooo much in the past nine months.

Amy: And us four have known each other for the past five years already.

Lucy: So yeah, its been a really good year and many many more to come!

Amy: Hear hear!

Laura: Woohoo.

You’ve just covered The Wanted and given it to lucky individuals who signed up to your website (get it free here). What made The Ultra Girls finger The Wanted?

Laura: How did you know we did that? Hahaha!

Amy: Well the most obvious cover to do was the most current boyband. Hottest boyband of 2010.

Laura: And we love the song.

Lucy: That’s why we fingered it.

Lauren: I love your choice of words there Bobby!

Amy: Finger!!!!!!

Lauren: You dirty little rascal, Bobby!

Laura: It's rude that.

Amy: Hehe, Ooooooooh you dirty rascal!

Laura: Who would you most like to finger Bobby?

Lucy: Can I just say… Laura likes a four finger, don’t ya Laura?

Laura: A four finger kit-kat… oh yes!

The reaction has been rather fantastic. People have been asking for the first single. When do you think will The Ultra Girls be ready to release the single?

Lauren: April

Amy: We’ve got a really exciting support slot!

Lucy: Hmmmmmm who could that be!?

Laura: So April. So keep your eyes peeled.

Amy: Eyes peeled back.

Laura: Amy, demonstrate how to peel your eyes.

Amy peels back her eye-lids.

Laura: That. is. horrible.

Watching you girls strut your stuff at Popshow….there was such an energy. So, beyond the current schools tour do you have more live dates in store for 2011?

Lucy: I think we’ve got like another 4 months of live dates. We’ve got another schools tour lined up. That starts on the tenth of January. And then… we’re going onto something else…

You’ve had a little bit of reality tv experience. Do you feel that the energy that you girls instantly give off could never really be conveyed through such shows like X Factor?

Lauren: We loved being on the X Factor and it was a great experience. But obviously with airtime and stuff it's never your decision, like how much you say and how you come across. That's up to them. So now I think we can get across who we are and we’ve four different personalities, and we didn't actually get the opportunity to do that on X Factor. But it's more about the singing and the acts anyway. It was wicked.

Did that entire experience make your group a tighter and stronger band?

Lucy: I think me and Amy can give the answer to this cos we are the strongest members of the band as we saw in the tug of war yesterday.

Lauren & Laura: Oh really?

Lauren: I think we actually let them win didn't we, Laura?

Laura: I think I got really severe cramp in my leg.

Lauren: Hahaha, you were injured!

Laura: Amy is just freakishly strong.

Lauren: Can I just say; it was planned to let them win.

Lucy: We were lucky to get Amy in the band cos she was was gonna be a Tug-o-war champion.

Amy: Yeah, I was the world Olympic champion last year in tug-o-war.

Laura: Yeah, X Factor did make us stronger as a band. Definitely. Because obviously X Factor was the first thing we did as a group. And we went through a lot before X Factor. Emotionally.

Lucy: Yeah, there were a lot late nights!

Laura: Yeah late nights and early mornings. Boot camp was hard.

Lucy: Tense.

Laura: Yeah, obviously boot camp is really tough. We had like an hour's sleep a night. And you know, four girls together. On no sleep and a lot of caffeine. And, we can get ratty.

Lauren: Laura got ratty with me.

Laura: No, Lauren started hallucinating at one point.

Lauren: I did hallucinate! It was quite a funny experience. Happened for about 30 seconds.

Laura: Yeah, we grew a lot closer obviously because ….

Lauren: Bloody hell, we can't shut you up!

Amy: The tenderness of the situation brought us together.

Lauren: Yeah very highs and very lows.

If you had to cover any other British girlband, which one would it be and what song?


Amy: Who Do You Think You Are!

Spice Girls…. Ultra Girls. It's clear you're bringing that sense of fun pop back to the charts just as they did. The Ultra Girls to me… are big bolts of colour. Is this the vibe we’ll get to hear on the album?

Lucy: Well we can't be anything other than what we are and what we are is bright... and we are a bit bold. Our songs DO portray that. Even our ballads. Only a few on there. But they’re still very powerful.

Laura: Yeah we don’t do songs by halves. When you listen to the album it's like “omg, I love this song” and then next its “omg I love this song, next”.

Lucy: “Omg, I’m having an orgasm over this song, next”.

The Ultra Girls album will probably see you girls take on the world. Which is your favourite song recorded for the album so far?

Amy: Ooooh that's a good question!

Lauren: I think mine is Girls Will Be Girls because it's really upbeat and encapsulates everything about what we are…

Lucy: It Encapsulates?

Lauren: Yes, encapsulates.

Lucy: Is that a word…?

Lauren: It's a word.

Lucy: Mine is a secret one. It's a secret weapon. Can’t tell ya. It's the one after Girls Will Be Girls. But can’t say.

Amy: I can’t either cos if we told you, you know, we’d have to kill ya.

Laura: I really like IOU For Love. It's really upbeat and has that High School Musical feel.

Lucy: Yup, it's for all your cheeseheads out there.

JLS have condoms as merchandise. Which is a tiny bit weird but hey, it promotes safe sex which can only be a good thing! Beyond the music realm, what industry will the Ultra Girls be targeting? Will we see Ultra Girls dolls next Christmas?

Lucy: Dildos.

Amy: Dolls!

Lauren: Bratz dolls. We need a deal with Bratz.

Laura: I think an underwear range for those less endowed.

Lucy: I think we should bring out toilet roll.

Amy: Oh yeah! I think so too. Great minds think alike.

Lucy: Yeah, cos we do use a lot of it. If you know what I mean.

Amy: And yeah, you’d have like this signature of Ultra Girls written on the toilet roll.

Lauren: Er, Definitely clothes. Cos we’re all so different.

Laura: And jewelry.

You weren’t the only act featured in DSTP’s top tips for 2011. If you had to pick any of the others, who would you love to go on a roadshow tour with and why!?

Laura: DeeDee Loves me! Cos' Terry loves DeeDee and we love Terry Ronald.

Lucy: Elouise!

Laura: Elouise in fact! I’ve changed my mind! Elouise! Sorry guys. We’re gonna say Elouise…

Amy: Christophe?

Lucy: We love em all.

Laura: Yeah, we’re gonna say Elouise and Christophe because we’ve met them and they’re really great. Met Elouise at her show and had a blast.

Lucy: She’s fab!

Laura: Got a little bit tipsy.

Amy: Elouise had hunky firemen.

Lucy: Of my dreams!

Lauren: She seems like a laugh!

Laura: She’s northern!

Lucy: Northern!!!

Laura: Christophe is hilarious

Amy: And Christophe. Gotta keep it in the family.

Other than live dates, what’s next for the Ultra Girls? Is there anything you can tell us here at DSTP HQ? What is in store for 2011?

Lucy: Do you know something you shouldn’t know Mr. Bobbypop?

Lauren: I don’t think he does…

Lucy: Well, we have a massive secret.

Lauren: We’re not allowed say just yet.

Amy: Well, we have the album. We’re doing all the summer shows like the festivals.

Lucy: The world is our oyster.

Lauren: The single Girls Will Be Girls will be coming out and our first ever video. There'll be a lot of firsts which is very exciting.

Amy: And I hope you’ll be there to share it with us!


Official Ultra Girls Website

Chat to them on Twitter


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Anonymous said...

They sound fab!

JessiKylie said...

They sound great! There's something really Glee(ful) about them. I can see them be more like the next steps. Not really the next Spice Girls. They're lacking a 5th member!!

Fredrik said...

Will they appear on any of the European dates?

Lance said...

They are so fucking dippy its shocking. I love THEM! Lucy is so the Ginger Spice. Her dildo comment made me spit out my protein shake.

When is the vid out?

Anonymous said...

Oooh they're pretty! I'm glad they mentioned DeeDee - she's super talented and Elouise too!

James said...

I think the BeachGirls5 are a lot better.

Aliscia said...

They are so good. I ain't a girlband fan usually. I only found out about them when they did a really good cover of The Wanted. I hope all the best for them. We need a new girlband in this country now that Girls Aloud/Sugababes are on a hiatus.

JamesSwin said...

I'll be honest


Can't believe they're gonna be on the Kylie tour!



to be

my all


favourite singer


I just creamed my pants.

See ya in Cardiff!

Lucie said...

They are so good. Their cover of Lose my mind was nearly as good as the original...NEARLY!

Megan said...

Awww, they sound so sweet. I think if they were a soap they'd be Hollyoaks? Weird questions Bobby/Robpop. Very strange questions. Though you should go on Newsnight and ask those type of questions to world leaders hahaha.

Do you know when their album will be out?

Tinks said...

My favourite is Lauren and Laura. They sound level headed. The others are nutters.

Ray said...

Robpop, hate to say it but I love this band. Thanks for the tip. Not a massive Kylie fan so won't see them but I've got a feeling they'll be on their own tour eventually so will catch them then. Agree with Megan, their more Hollyoaks than Corrie. In fact, more like CBBC than Corrie! Except Lucy who is more like the Adult Channel! ;-)

So far loving these interviews. Though Elouise needs to loosen up a bit. She's so serious.

I'd love to see you on Newsnight. With DeeDee LovesMe on your side. You both sound like a great team.
Do you know when DeeDee is bringing out more stuff by the by?

KylieNinja said...

Can't DeeDee support Kylie. They sound a bit cheap. Which is fine for them but I think they're just another girlband. Girls can't catch?

Robpop said...

Wow, great response....

KylieNinja....You've heard one song. Wait till you've seen them on stage. They really remind me of the Spice Girls. Please dont put them in the same category as Girls Can't Catch. I loved them but really its a whole different type of act and energy.

Megan/Ray...me on NewsNight? Only if DeeDee was there with me!

Tinks...they're all fabulous girls ;-)

James, enjoy the show in cardiff!

James no2: I love BeachGirls5....but i also love Ultra Girls. There is a space for both of em. I'd love to know what BG5 come up with when asked the merchandise question. I don't think they'd be able to top lucy's dildo/toilet paper answer.

Fredrik: not sure. I think Germany has Frida Gold.

Sjbuknewc said...

Love the girls a lot and glad they are the support for Kylie!
Think Elouise would also be fantastic as Kylie's support as well!
Can we please have them both???

Naoimi said...

They're a budget version of the sats.
Sorry but its true.

As for supporting Kylie, would love NDUBZ or something like that.

Peter said...

That interview has absolutely cheered me up. I am now officially a fan of UG. The music better live up to the hype. I agree with Sjbuknewc....Elouise to support Kylie please.

Maria said...

I really think they are pretty, funny and they sound very nice together! Great cover of the song "Lose my mind" probably even better than the orginal.. the Wanted are still very hot ;) hehe!
Looking forward to seeing them live, supporting Kylie!
Good luck to you girls.. You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

They sound ok! Think they have been very lucky tho- there is much better out there! The mgt should be telling Lucy to shut her trap- she is coming across arrogant and pathetic with her stupid comments!! Why can't we have a girlband who doesn't have to dress skimpy to get places?

Robpop said...

First of all, i just wanted to say while i really appreciate all comments...no need to be totally negative. They're a new act so give em some leeway.

Anon-Lucy is fab! A pillar in the band. I am not sure they've been very lucky. I think they've worked incredibly hard. Lucky applies to the acts that win the reality tv shows and leap-frog all the immense hard work that this very band are doing. ;-)

Steve! nice to see you here on DSTP!

Maria! Love your comments and welcome to DSTP!

Peter-welcome to DSTP!