HandS present NO ROMANCE (A song that i like very much!).

Ever since hearing Hands I've been playing their music ever since. When No Romance arrived it was like a teardrop from the music goddesses landing in the palm of my hand and illuminating my soul with bolts of blissful shimmering sonic sounds. My ears have smiled and danced with joy ever since. How can I best describe No Romance? Impossible. However, it has immediately emerged as my favourite song of the last eighteen months. Could it be my song of the year? I can't quite convey how much I love the song and the band (hailing from Norway).

I literally had to stand back from the speakers. It fried my brains. Was I imagining it? How could it be so good? So different? So beyond the outrageous pale of brilliance? It reminded me of ABBA, New Order, XX and Depeche Mode without ever sounding ridiculously retro, paltry and pouting. I really hope you like them too! No Romance is a modern pop song with real vocals, shards of excellent baseline, catchy and most of all, it has attitude. Moreover, it has balls! Big balls. No Romance has an organic texture to it that I love. It feels somewhat unfinished and raw which conveys an explosive and angry aura around its perfectly formed body. Unlike many ridiculously pop records which are so good you feel they're buffed and manicured to the extent any bluntness seems nuetralized and numbed, No Romance refuses to clean its act up and decides to expose its fantastic energy in all its disheveled glory. This is relentless pop at its fucking finest. Welcome Hands, I adore.

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