LE KID OH ALRIGHT! The album is here, ready to download and love!

Lets be frank. Le Kid have delivered the pop album of 2011. It emerges as a leviathan of incredibly good well-woven music that shimmers like an exuberant oyez. 'Oh Alright' shakes the pop fan down to the core. I first discovered the band via the sorely missed girlgroup MissMatch back in 2006-7 as the team of writers Marta, Felix and Anton at Cocktail Studios worked on their first album Just Push Play which you can still buy here. I highly highly recommend it. But to the release at hand! Oh Alright is pop on full ignition.

Bigger Than Jesus

Fans of MissMatch will remember their lush single Breathe In Breathe Out. Well Bigger Than Jesus is like that if it had hot steamy sex with Kylie Minogue's The One. And the result? Quite amazing. The soft vocals interweave with the electric sonic beats like skin on silk. This song is a beautiful baroque fling into a poptastic sunrise. This song is essentially about big love and by the end of its three minute play-span, you start looking for wedding rings so as to marry yourself off to the ditty. It is that seductive.


Escape is a polemic of a pop song. It practically becomes one singular sensation. By its middle eight the ditty not only emerges as an anthem that manages to march out like a tintinnabulate but also inosculate old school sounds like St Etienne or Strawberry Switchblade with their very unique sound which now permeates rather magically from Cocktail Studios.

Kiss Me

Woah, this is more bubblegum than chewing gum. Kiss Me is a cute honkey-plonkey pop tune where one might say that if Oh Right was a body, this song would be its callipygean. Perfectly formed, you can't wait to "pop the zipper" and unleash the juicy monster hidden underneath. Excellent.


I love America. I truly do. However it suffers from the mere fact that Le Kid have gone and written some amazing pop gems on the rest of the album that manage to overshadow America. This isn't America's fault. This is Le Kids fault. For providing an amazing album. Oh Alright contains no filler. Its all killer.


If the Spice Girls ever wanted give the world Wannabe II or Spice Up Your Life II, they'd need to tap into Telephone (awww, see what I did there?) and sit with this song in the studio before they started their eventual comeback. Telephone is zesty, bouncy and sparkles with attitude.

Mercy Mercy

The song is, perhaps, the song that started it all. Heads turned, we received a pop video on a lake and finally got to know the band beyond the demos loaded on myspace. This song is proof that Le Kid have delivered a perfect pop album in the form of Oh Alright.

Oh My God

If there was ever another Austin Powers film this has to be the theme tune. Not particularly retro in sound per se but catches all those bubbles of joy that those movies contained. I can almost envisage the spy in flares with his immense smile dancing down Carnaby Street to this.


This is the kind of song I'm waiting Britney release. Its so zeitpop it even namechecks Betty Boop. Despite its fluffy nature, on Seventeen we hear more guitars and appear to hear Le Kid's very social discourse on the over-sexualisation of the teenage youth. So, one day perhaps Seventeen will be studied in gender studies class. I hope so.

We Are The Drums

One of the finest MissMatch track was called Unabashed and We Are The Drums takes me right there. In short, its brilliant. Too cool for school in many ways. Within We Are The Drums Le Kid emerge as 'the chords, the lyrics and the melodies' thus music itself becomes a metaphor for the band to strum out. If so, I've repeatedly slept with each Le Kid song on Oh Alright thus making me an absolute brazen drazel.

We Should Go Home Together

Talking of sleeping around, I think I've become passionately addicted to We Should Go Home Together. It is amazingly subtle. Just when you think its going one way, it flashes its beauty and one is hooked. For me, I will always return to this song as its my favourite.


Oh. Dear. Dear. Dear. Dear Me. They've included a cover to wrap up the album. Was this a wise choice? Next to ten original brilliant anthems that will end up becoming invincible templates for how to write great pop songs. Do they pull it off? Should they have done it? Yes! Yes! Yes! I could actually envisage a day when Le Kid decide to release a covers album and I'd be just as happy if they'd release an album of originals. They take the risk and actually improve on the original. There I said it. Le Kid trump The Killers original. Destiny is calling you Le Kid, come in now your time is now....

In conclusion...

This is the album I've been waiting for ages. Ever since Le Kid first gave a lil' interview on Dontstopthepop a few years ago (see here) they promised an album with no fillers and boy have they delivered on that. Oh Alright is a geason album. You will not find another set of songs on one album release this year. They'll always be the one track that will have you hitting the skip button. Not Oh Alright. It is apparent for Le Kid mediocre is a swearword. As I said, it contains ten crunchy wonderful pop songs that will inevitibly emerge as invincible templates as how to write great pop songs in the future. Oh Alright is Oh Wonderful! Get it here.



mordi said...

bigger than jesus is AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Hey, does anyone know how I can get a hold of this, in Australia?