SMITH & THELL - you' ever lasting love!

A few weeks ago Smith & Thell gave their first ever interview to Dontstopthepop (here) and ever since I've been addicted to their new song Keep The Beat In Your Heart. Reminiscent of classic Madonna (Vogue/Rescue Era) meets Ace of Base (when they were good), Keep The Beat In Your Heart has been causing havoc since it was revealed not to mention shooting up my most played song list on me itunes. Fellow blogger Paul of MyFizzyPop has developed a crush on the band and deservedly so (link). They are a band who refuse to offer one good song in exchange for 3 paltry mediocre tunes. Instead each song they've thrown at our ears has massaged our aural passages and I'm proud to say every time I've laid back bewildered at their brilliance. Wunderbar!

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