Monica Naranjo wows with Make You Rock

Monica Naranjo is the Spanish Queen of Pop. With every release she constantly breaks the mold and Make You Rock is a yet another fine example of her revolutionary approach to music. This rather scary video seems as if it consists of all the bits one might've expected to be in the Ridley Scott prequel to Alien Prometheus mashed-up with the iconic Nicole Kidman film The Others. The powerfully haunting video gloriously borrows beautiful aspects of HR Giger backed with a stunning anthem which samples Bronski Beats iconic Smalltown Boy.

Make You Rock marks Monica's third English release after her recent dance collaborations with Brian Cross Crying For Heaven and the single Dream Alive. However Make You Rock is unlike the aforementioned previous two releases as it belongs to a project captained by Monica called CommunityBeat where the artists takes power. In a time of crisis when politicians blame the creative community for the immoral actions of bankers, Make You Rock sees Monica celebrate the multitude of artists around the world in their bedrooms and studios where their art is exposed to the world beyond regulations, borders and the traditional underpinning controls mainly in part to the birth of the internet.

Hence the lack of physical format on Make You Rock. Thus, for Monica, this release will cut out the middle-man. She is in absolute and total control. The song, CommunityBeat and video is her answer to the paradigm created by the 15-M movement in Madrid. Into this aperture, Monica pushes art and pop together in ways beyond the norm ensuring the artist is closer to the speakerphone and music lover. This is artpop that never tasted so real or delicious. Amazing. I'd love an entire album of Monica Naranjo dance-pop anthems like this. Why? Because she just takes it to the next level.


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mordi said...

OHMYGOD this is BRILLIANT! thanks so much for letting me know about this - lets hope there is an album as good as this