I love love love love love love love ColorKaleido. The pop they produce is all the colours of the rainbow, the tastiest vanilla custard pie and the sunshine after a beautiful but bewildering storm. In the last few winter months I've wrapped myself up with songs from their EP and such is its warmth, they better than the scarves and wholley hats combined. I had to put the music down to one side and actually say something about them.


There is something about ColorKaleido shakes all that serious nervousness which differentiates them from a lot of breaking acts these days. All of which is fine. Gosh, I love all of that sulky neon synthpop that has woven itself around London at the moment. Christine & Kim seem to be doing something different. It's somewhat like Frida Sundemo meets Paloma Faith. But that description doesn't quite describe them justly. Along with the aforementioned Sundemo, the ColorKaleido EP shimmers so brightly it has become one of the all time releases of 2013 by a new act.

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pop beats 2013 said...

Love the ballad. She's so beautiful and have such an amazing voice. Every time I play this song, it just put me in the right mood. The humming part is the best!