Laurel - Blue Blood

Sounding a touch like Lana Del Ray, Laurel is now signed to Turnfirst Recordings and naturally with these release my heart in a flutter. Blue Blood is a charged thematic anthem that is somewhat of a sprinkle of a twist compared to her first single Next Time which came out a year ago. The trippy-pop beats next to the lush arrangement of course draws similar comparisons to Lana Del Ray but this should not be seen as a slight in any way. Laurel wrote and produced the entire track which is an immense achievement considering its rich, mighty and huge wall of sound. Indeed a cheeky quick scan of the Born To Die reveals an almighty leviathan-like entourage of heavyweight and brilliant producers associated with Lana's absolutely amazing debut album. Not quite so Laurel. It appears Laurel has struck musical gold with this self-produced polemic second single. I cannot wait to hear more from her.

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