Awa - Obvious & Robyn's Tekla!

Sweden's only ever X Factor winner Awa is back! And, with a supercool track. Co-written by Marlene & the Trinity team, Obvious is her follow up to Not Ready To Say Goodbye. With the ever fashionable 90's house pace, the single is remarkably on-trend though refuses to be gimmicky or try-too-hard. Awa has taken her time with material. Not rushing with her debut single was a remarkable move - Goodbye was a huge hit for her. Finding the right follow-up has taken her team over a year but the fact that this song is perhaps the best to come out of Sweden this side of 2015 shows the AnR team were wise to dig for that straw amongst a tremendous hay-stack. Sweden produces so many great songs and with this - Awa's got herself an amazing one. Cannot wait for the eventual album.

In other news fellow Swedish singer Robyn has announced and launched Tekla; a festival for girls in Stockholm. Featuring technology, education and music Robyn stated Tekla is to be a "safe environment where girls can try things. So they continue that later in life". Whilst being interviewed she felt it would hopefully address the problems of inequalities in society "being a festival for girls where they get to sample different areas of technology".  For more information please go to Tekla.

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