Speechless. My heart raced a million beats when first hearing Thieves. Rendered Speechless. Discovering Kastrup was like an electric bolt hitting water - absolutely terrifying but beautiful. Revitalising. Big shout out to you to Musikguiden i P3 for the heads-up. Tack, Tack, Tack. Thieves is their second single (check out the glorious Lydia on their soundcloud). Perhaps named after the Danish Airport - I don't know. Amazing. The band are my favourite act to come out of Sweden this year. Rarely do I throw out hyperbolic slogans - but I can't get enough of Thieves

The sexy synth throbs around the beloved, yet vulnerable, voice have me doing a locomotion of happy feels. There are Kleerup/Robyn aspects to this. Throw-in shades of Brandon Flowers, Cure, Oh Fibes, The Ark and Eric Hassle and you may steal a little idea of what Kastrup are about. And yet, there is something evocative and explosive about Thieves that has me right around their Kastrups fingers. They've sparkled into my heart. I can't get enough of them. Swedish duo of the year. I may be rejoicing their arrival quite a lot on this blog this year so apologises beforehand.

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